The cycle of gum recession can cause a host of long-term issues which can be difficult to stop, prevent, and fix naturally. Many patients want to know how to stop receding gums and prevent gum disease. For some, laser gum treatment is the best way to regenerate gums and improve gum health. For most, changing your daily habits may be enough to prevent more gum recession.

What is Gum Recession?

Gum recession is the process in which the gums tissue surrounding a tooth wears away, exposing the underlying tooth and bone causing infection, disease, and bone and tissue loss. When the gum wears away, gaps or pockets develop between teeth that collect food, particles, and bacteria which can cause further infection and further bone and tissue loss.

Although oral hygiene plays a factor in overall gum health, some people with good oral hygiene can and do experience gum recession. Before we learn how to stop receding gums, we must define the causes of gum recession.

What Causes Gum Recession?

There are several reasons that your gums may recede. Speak with a gum specialist to learn more about your options for receding gums.

Poor oral hygiene: Consistent and correct oral hygiene is one of the easiest methods used to stop receding gums from getting worse. Starting a good, consistent oral hygiene routine can and will prevent gums recession from persisting.1

Periodontal diseases: Periodontal diseases attack the tissues inside the mouth and cause irreparable damage to gums. Periodontitis destroys the bone that supports your teeth which can cause gum recession and tooth loss. The most common causes of peritonitis are plaque build-up related to a lack of correct and consistent oral hygiene, gingivitis, and persistent gum inflation.2

Overly aggressive tooth brushing: Yes, brushing too hard can cause gum recession. Brushing too hard will damage teeth and gums and wear down the enamel on teeth.3

Malocclusion and tooth alignment: If the position of a tooth is abnormal it will cause irregular wear on the surrounding gum. Sometimes a crooked tooth or a crooked bite can directly impact on the function of the mouth and cause more wear on gums in certain areas, leading to increased recession.

Grinding and clenching: As mentioned above, tooth alignment has a direct relationship with gum health. Excessive grinding and clenching, known as bruxism, can cause teeth to shift which will cause gums to recede as a result.4

Genetics: Some dental experts believe that gum recession is hereditary. Though not directly because of gum health but more as it’s related to clenching, tooth alignment, and periodontal diseases, which in turn cause receding gums. Inherited tooth structure can cause gum recession indirectly.6

Smoking: Consumption of tobacco products and other smoking materials will damage gums and cause recession. Not only does nicotine restrict the flow of blood in your gums, but the smoke itself will damage the tissue and affect your mouth’s natural ability to fight infections. The nicotine in vaping also has this effect on gums and can cause gum disease just as much as traditional cigarettes.7

Age: Patients of a certain age may notice gum recession. Even after years of correct oral hygiene and regular checkups with a dentist, age can play a factor in gum disease. Regular wear over a long enough period will cause some recession.

How To Stop Receding Gums

Many of the methods used to stop gum recession are related to the causes directly. In most cases, you’ll know how to stop receding gums by simply understanding the causes and refraining from that behavior.

To stop and prevent further gum recession, follow these directions.

Dental hygiene routine: You can stop receding gums today, starting right now. Develop a dental hygiene routine and stick with it. Consistency is key. Floss, brush, and rinse every day. If you are serious about preventing further gum recession, begin today.

See a dental hygienist: Make an appointment for a teeth and gum cleaning at a local dentist’s office. On your first visit, ask about a deep cleaning to stop further gum recession. Keep these appointments every 6 months to ensure you following the standard level of tooth and gum care.

Visit a dentist: Speak with a dentist or periodontist (gum specialist) and get a dental checkup. A dentist will identify teeth that may need gum grafts or gum surgery, as well as periodontal disease and create a dental treatment plan that will include gum restoration.

Laser gum treatment: Ask your dentist about laser gum treatment options. You could be a great candidate for a restorative gum procedure that could bring years back to your gums and your smile.

Electric toothbrush: If you believe you are brushing too hard, your dentist may recommend buying an electric toothbrush.  You might also want to speak with your oral hygienist or dentist about correct brushing pressure and habits. An electric toothbrush will ensure you are not brushing too hard.8

Mouthguards: For those who clench and grind their teeth, especially while sleeping, a mouthguard can ease the pressure put on your teeth. Many believe that grinding only affects the teeth which is not true. You can stop receding gums and avoid TMJ and bruxism if you can stop clenching and grinding your teeth. Most people do not know that they are clenching at night – but a gum specialist will usually know immediately.

Smoking: Quit smoking tobacco and vape products as soon as possible. The bacterial plaque produced by smoke directly correlates to gum disease, tooth decay, and sinus infection.

Can I Heal Receding Gums Naturally?

Unfortunately, receding gums do not naturally grow back and there are no natural remedies to regrow gums. Once the gums have been damaged to a certain point, they will no longer rejuvenate without medical intervention.

You can fix receding gums, bit that will involved medical intervention. Learn how to stop receding gums and then visit a dentist to receive receding gum treatment.

The Laser Gum Treatment To Prevent Recession

Laser gum treatment is a gentle alternative to surgical gum restorative procedures. Essentially, the treatment involves a specialized form of deep cleaning that removes tartar and calcified plaque (known as calculus) build-up from under the gumline.

The treatment process involves disinfecting the gum area and killing all disease-causing bacteria. There are many pros to laser gum treatment and is a gentle alternative to surgical procedures. This form of gum cleaning can be very effective at stopping gum recession.

Gum Grafts to Rebuild Gumlines

Gum grafting is a surgical procedure that can aid in the rejuvenation of the gumline. There are 3 distinct methods used in gum grafts.9

Connective-tissue grafts: Tissue from under the skin of the palate is removed and attached to sections of the gumline where teeth are exposed. The palate skin is then sealed.

Free gingival grafts: Similar to the connective-tissue graft, skin is taken from the palate and attached to the gumline that needs repair. Unlike connective-tissue grafts, a free gingival graft takes the skin and tissue underneath from the palate directly.

Pedicle grafts: Instead of taking tissue from the palate, tissue is taken from the area of the gum around the tooth that needs repair.

There is also a nonsurgical alternative to gum grafts that should be considered before moving forward with surgery.

The Chao Pinhole Technique

This alternative to gum grafting is a fantastic way to repair gums quickly, comfortably, and gently. The technique has been hailed as revolutionary by dentists around the world. The procedure takes about an hour and requires no stitches or incisions.

First, a small hole is made above the area of recession, the gum tissue is loosened and then pulled over to correct the recession. It’s that simple and the results are often quite dramatic. Contact a local cosmetic dentist or periodontist and ask if you are a good candidate for this gum treatment.












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