About Bruce


After Graduating from Queens College in New York, I started out in the merchant processing world for several years when applications had to be handwritten and mailed to the Bank and credit card terminals were big and bulky. However, I enjoyed the merchant processing industry tremendously, but I was young and wanted additional experiences. I ended up studying for a Series 3 License in order to become a Commodity Broker. After several years I graduated from Commodity Broker to running a division and managing other Commodity Brokers on Wall Street.

Although I did very well, I had a very close friend who was high up with Mutual of New York Insurance (MONY). Since I already had my insurance license as well. My friend talked me into leaving Wall Street and running a division for him in MONY. After quite a few years and again doing extremely well, I realized it was time for another change. I was happily married with two young boys and decided that Florida would be a better environment for my kids to grow up and flourish in. Through connections from my beginning days in the merchant processing industry, I decided to venture back into the merchant processing world.

Which I enjoyed the most. I have never looked back. Now not only am I happily married with two grown young men, now on their own. I have a couple of dogs to take their place and white picket fence. I have always had ideas on how to run a successful merchant processing/ business solutions company.

I wanted to benefit my clients the utmost and allow me to enjoy the workday, thereby not only helping my clients, but waking up every morning looking forward to the day ahead. When I’m not working I can be seen playing Golf, table tennis, spending time with my family, or reading a great book. I guess I would be considered by many a gym rat as well.

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