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Panama Call Room

I wish I could have some great employees that treated my business as if it was their own. I wish I didn’t have to be on top of them 24/7. I wish I didn’t have to rent an office with desks, chairs, phones, and managers etc. I wish they had the company knowledge to handle my customers and future customers the right way. And most of all I wish I could get all of the above at a very low cost. Sure, I’ve heard of offshore call centers, but nobody wants to speak to someone over the phone that they can barely understand. Here’s the thing we’ve had experience over the years with many call centers, but just like anything else, finding the cream of the crop of anything takes time. We have finally come across a call center in Panama where my wish list is completely fulfilled!

Why Panama is preferred over the Philippines,
China, India, and Dominican Republic

What I have found in Panama vs let’s say the Philippines, India, and Dominican Republic is Panama has loads of Americans who are currently living there, many which are college graduates with degrees from America. These are skilled workers that not only need a job but are more than happy earning what is considered a very good income in Panama, because of the lower cost of living in Panama.

Panamas time coincides with the US Central Time Zone (CST).

Having skilled workers enables us to acquire exactly what we are looking for.

Which is 100% English speaking associates from America that are bilingual and thereby familiar with American culture, sports, and entertainment.

At a price point that’s no more than any other countries mentioned above, however they have superior performance.

Why this particular call center

100% Transparency

  • 24/7 Live camera feed of your employees. So, you can watch your employees.
  • Listen in on all inbound/Outbound calls from your employees
  • Highly skilled manager keeping track of attendance work hours, behavior, and holding them accountable for results!

Extremely easy to get your new team started. Everything is turnkey, once we have a green light from you.



  • Ready-made office with all office furniture and necessities needed
  • Sophisticated technology already in place
  • Full phone system with all dialer capabilities
  • Trained staff
  • Highly skilled American businessman / manager who resides in Panama who oversees that all runs smoothly
  • 100% scalable, grows as large as your company needs

We will:

  • Interview candidates for you
  • Hire for you

Sales experience

You can be hands on as much or as little as you desire. We prefer to have you initially help train so we can see exactly what your desires are and implement them going forward.

What can your Panama team do for you:

  • Lead Generation
  • Appointment setting
  • Sales (Closer)
  • Customer service/support
  • Back office Chat

We offer different  types of packages to accommodate your needs:

  • Pay by employee
  • Pay by appointment set
  • Pay by deal

Or whatever needs to be agreed upon. Regardless the cost saving for your business are enormous and will skyrocket your ROI!


First Card Payments