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Adult Services

The stigma related to the adult entertainment industry has made it difficult for businesses in this niche to operate.

Bail Bondsmen

While previously a cash-only business, the bail bond industry has increasingly accepted credit cards over the last several years.

Collection Agencies

Debt collectorrs and agencies that struggle with money collection can rest assured their merchant account won't be dropped.

Document Preparation

For some credit card processing companies, this level of volatility makes it difficult for them to accept student doc prep companies.

Jewelry Sellers

Jewelry merchant accounts are in high demand thanks to online platforms like Etsy, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

Online Dating

Profits for the online dating industry are predicted to increase by over 25% during the next couple of years with no sign of slowing.


Airlines are considered a standard risk business type with high-risk tendencies which create redflags for Banks and ISOs.

Business Consulting

High risk merchant accounts offered to business consultants and companies that offer management, marketing, operations, and finance.

Continuity Subscription

Continuity subscription merchants require a high risk merchant account due to the increased potential for chargebacks and customer disputes.


Dropshipping businesses often have a high turnover of products, longer shipping times, and fraudulent transactions that lead to chargebacks.


As a MOTO merchant, you rely completely on secure payment gateways, also known as virtual terminals by some.

Online Pharmacy

Online pharmacy sales are poised to soar in the next few years. Position yourself now to take even a small portion of the trillion-dollar industry.

Auto Transport Brokers

Auto industry companies are all considered high risk by the banks and ISOs because the risk of damage to the cargo being shipped.


A high-risk CBD merchant account may be difficult to obtain as a result of the stigma surrounding the industry and federal laws.

Credit Repair Agencies

Credit has always been important, but even more so today as so many institutions factor credit scores into their decisions.

Educational Seminar

Coaches and online gurus can benefit from a high risk merchant account that is not taking down at random while you're doing business.

Moving Brokers

While moving brokers don’t have their own moving vehicles or storage facilities; and therefore considered high risk by banks and ISOs.

Travel Agency

If you own a travel agency, partnerwith a reliable merchant services provider that can offer you rates that save you and your customers money.

Auto Warranty

Although the auto industry is considered high risk, it doesn’t mean you must pay high fees for high risk merchant services.

Coins & Collectables

Coins and collectibles websites are often considered high risk by payment processors due to the potential for fraudulent or disputed transactions.

Debt Relief

You need an experienced merchant services provider to help you navigate various banking regulations and fight for your right to receive payment.

Health & Beauty

Health and beauty businesses face issues with FDA compliance, approval, and product ingredients which put them in a high risk category.


At any moment, the government can change nutraceutical regulations; this makes the nutraceutical industry a high risk.

Ticket Brokers

Ticket brokers receive higher than usual chargebacks and customer disputes as well as changes to state or federal law at any time.


Merchant Cash Advance

We partner with the most trusted lenders in the industry which puts us in a unique position to ensure that all our merchant financing services are offered at the best rates.

ACH Payment Processing

First Card Payments offers the most competitive ACH payment processing for businesses of all sizes in various industries

Panama Call Room

At a price point that’s no more than any other countries mentioned above, however they have superior performance.

High Risk Merchant Accounts

What It Means & How This Affects Your Business

Every bank operates with a set of guidelines used to determine if a potential merchant’s business is high risk. All these guidelines vary from bank to bank. As a leading credit card processing company, our experts share more insight into why certain businesses may require high-risk merchant accounts.

If your bank is unwilling to accept the risk associated with your industry, you will need a high-risk merchant account.

Banks weigh the risks associated with a business. If the bank you choose for your merchant account believes that your business is prone to too many chargebacks, customer complaints, and falls within the grey area of the law–CBD for example–then your business will be considered high risk. Banks are often hesitant to manage high-risk merchant accounts.

This is a subjective process and every bank’s underwriting department follows a specific set of guidelines that the bank has outlined.

After over 20 years of experience providing high-risk merchant accounts for businesses, we understand exactly how the system works, working with banks and ISOs to ensure that your business is allowed to open a merchant account. We have relationships with more than 30 financial institutions, ultimately allowing us to apply for a high-risk merchant account from the best banks likely to approve your company with the best rates and terms.

Why Are Some Businesses Considered High-Risk?

There are many reasons why businesses are considered high risk, including:

  1. The business might be on a TMF/ MATCH list or the industry you’re in is known for high chargeback ratios.
  2. Perhaps you have a type of business that sells expensive items.
  3. Maybe the business guarantor has personal credit that isn’t the best, tax liens, or other financial issues.
  4. Membership and subscription businesses with automated recurring billing.

Allow First Card Payments to obtain the high-risk merchant accounts your business needs. We will handle all the messy work so you can put your energy towards the success of your business.

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