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Auto Warranty Merchant Accounts

First Card Payments has over 20 years of experience in merchant services for auto warranty businesses.

If you are in the auto warranty business, you may find yourself a little frustrated–just as other businesses that are considered high risk– when you’re trying to set up payment processing. Partnering with the right payment processing company to open a high-risk auto warranty merchant account can make all the difference to the success of your business.

Your energy should be spent lending your expertise in the auto warranty field rather than worrying about the minutiae involved in processing payments. That’s why First Card Payments has been so successful; our experts offer a range of merchant services from advising on secure payment gateways to chargeback mitigation and more.

What now? You’ve heard the expression, “if you have the right tools, you can get the job done easily.” Call First Card Payments today!

Benefits of Auto Warranty Merchant Accounts


Better Service

Personal FCP consultant

Better Fees

Up to 25% off the markup on your current fees. No early termination fees or cancellation fees.

Better Relationships

Benefit from our relationships and network

Better Quality

Chargeback prevention & mitigation. Encrypted and easy-to-use online merchant processing gateways.

Partner with First Card Payments for Your High-Risk Auto Warranty Merchant Account

W e strive to ensure that every high-risk merchant account opened with First Card Payments thrives. Our auto warranty merchants are our partners and your success is our success.

We provide exceptional high-risk merchant services for auto warranty businesses in addition to SEO services, web development, call center setup, and chargeback prevention tips and mitigation.

Finding the right payment gateway provider is essential. These are the benefits auto warranty merchant accounts receive when working with First Card Payments:

  • FCP is able to take up to 25% off the fees set by the ISOs and banks for high-risk auto warranty merchant accounts
  • As a high-risk business, auto warranty companies are often subjected to higher chargeback rates, so we work with you to mitigate your chance of receiving a chargeback in the first place. We don’t just fix it, we help you prevent it.
  • Reliable payment gateway options that are safe, secure, fully encrypted, and easy to use. We also provide web development for all payment gateways.
  • Honesty and transparency are our calling cards, maintaining long-lasting client relationships.

A reputable payment processing company specializing in auto warranty merchant accounts will ensure your business is allowed to succeed.

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The Success of Your Auto Warranty Company is Our Success

Unfortunately, most merchant processing companies will take unfair advantage of businesses considered high-risk and will charge exorbitant fees. It’s true that a business in the auto industry will incur higher fees than a traditional merchant account considered low risk by the merchant processing industry.

Although the auto industry is considered high risk, it doesn’t mean you must pay high fees for merchant services.

At First Card Payments, auto warranty merchants can expect ROCK BOTTOM FEES!


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