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Pharmacy Merchant Accounts

First Card Payments has over 20 years of experience as an online pharmacy merchant processor.

Service and supply businesses have moved online; those that haven’t are going to be left behind fast. It’s a hard pill to swallow but an undeniable truth. In 2017 alone, the online pharmacy business took in over $75 billion. More than ever older generations are shopping online and trust online consumer services, not to mention that the 55-and-under customers are using online services exclusively. Online pharmacy sales are poised to soar in the next few years. Position yourself now to take even a small portion of the soon-to-be trillion-dollar industry by opening an online pharmacy merchant account with a reputable payment processing company.

If you are starting an online pharmacy or expanding yo

Nutraceutical Industry

ur presence online, you’re going to need an online pharmacy merchant account that is reliable, safe, and most of all, affordable.

Over the past decade, First Card Payments has nurtured over 30 relationships with banks and ISOs. These personal relationships are a testament to the way we do business. We are on a first-name basis with the owners, presidents, and CEOs of these companies. Our experience gives us, and you, an advantage over the others because we know exactly how to get our online pharmacy merchant account holders what they need fast.

Online Pharmacy Merchant Accounts Include


Better Service

Personal FCP consultant

Better Fees

Up to 25% off the markup on your current fees. No early termination fees or cancellation fees.

Better Relationships

Benefit from the relationships within our network

Better Quality

A human reviews your application. Online merchant processing gateways are encrypted for security and easy to use.

What Makes FCP Different?

Unfortunately, most merchant processing companies will take unfair advantage of businesses considered high-risk and charge exorbitant fees. You won’t hear this from your typical account provider, but each and every high-risk merchant processing company uses a particular ISO that works with the bank. That’s how the industry works.

We decided years ago to be different. To offer something more to our customers and that is what has made all the difference. These are the promises we make to you, our pharmacy merchant account holder:

  • The ISO sets a minimum fee, but 9 out of 10 times, a merchant processing company usually marks up that fee, way more than they should. We are able to lower these fees for our online pharmacy merchant account holders.
  • At First Card Payments, our mission is to create long-lasting client relationships. We put the same level of care into creating relationships with our clients, the banks, and ISOs that we partner with to provide merchant account solutions.
  • Honesty and transparency are our calling cards. We negotiate lower fees and maintain a long-lasting client relationship; it’s a win-win.
  • We find customers and build relationships. This is what we have done for years and what we will offer you.

Helping Online Pharmacy Clients Prosper

We offer more than just payment processing solutions for online pharmacy merchant accounts; we offer our experience and our guidance. Each and every First Card Payments client is connected to a personal account manager who is in your corner. We go above and beyond to help you.

Ask us questions and use our expertise to make your business better!

We will help you brainstorm ideas to keep chargeback ratios low and we offer our proven advice and chargeback prevention tips to make sure that you are not hounded by the banks and customers.

How to Apply for an Online Pharmacy Merchant Account

Online pharmacies are lifesavers for a lot of people because it allows them to save time and money by purchasing their medications in the comfort of their homes, so opening an e-pharmacy is an excellent endeavor. Unfortunately, financial institutions have a different view about this type of business, especially because of the risk that comes with selling medicine through the internet, which is why online pharmacies are considered high-risk merchants.

Now, if you’re one of those running this business, you may find it hard to get a secure payment gateway solution. But if you are going to be successful, it’s best to follow these smart tricks:

Do your due diligence.

A payment processor is a crucial part of running your business, so you need to choose your merchant account provider wisely. Although some institutions will lure you with an easy approval, you might find yourself being tied to a very expensive contract that you can’t get out of for years.

So if you don’t want to fall into this trap, you need to shop around for merchant providers and see what they have to offer in terms of service and rates before you decide on the best one for your business.

Groom your business.

While you don’t need a complete overhaul, it’s good to put your best foot forward when applying for a high-risk merchant account.

Grooming your business means making sure that your website is up and running, your returns and refunds policies are published across different platforms, your debt is paid off and your savings account is healthy.

Underwriters would want to know if you are capable of managing a merchant account well. So, you need to prove that by grooming your business before applying.

Back your application with supporting documentation.

Required documentation will vary depending on the institution and the factors related to your application. But all pharmacy merchant account providers will require you to submit a government-issued identification, your most recent bank statements, proof of business and bank accounts, your website, and some marketing materials.

Underwriters will scrutinize these documents as part of the risk assessment process, so you need to complete them and any other additional documentation or information required of you.

Prepare for the underwriting process.

Aside from preparing all your documentation, you should also be able to answer questions from the underwriting team regarding your business. Some merchant providers will even require you to submit your business plans, sales process, and even call recordings to make sure that you are credible enough to be approved for an online pharmacy merchant account.

While it’s not easy to apply for a high-risk merchant account for your online pharmacy, success is never impossible if you just prepare for it. Of course, you should also learn to take care of your account if you are granted one.

Follow proper payment processing protocols, be honest about your products, and always offer good customer service. These practices will not only help you keep your merchant account but also your customers for the long run.

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