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Nutraceutical Merchant Accounts

First Card Payments has over 20 years of experience as a nutraceutical merchant processor.

After decades of processed foods and unhealthy habits, nutraceuticals and the plant-based food revolution is gaining traction, though many are wary of medicinal uses of some of these products for a variety of reasons. Companies that offer pharmaceutical alternatives struggle to obtain nutraceutical merchant accounts because the industry still struggles to find legitimacy from the lack of health care regulation by the government. But that shouldn’t deter nutraceutical companies from selling these alternatives to customers as long as they provide quality products and partner with a reliable payment processing company to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Even though the nutraceutical industry is thriving and helping millions of people find the supplements they need to lead a happy and healthy life, the lack of government oversight has made it difficult for owners to obtain merchant accounts. At any moment, the government can change nutraceutical regulations and businesses have to adapt; this makes the nutraceutical industry a high risk.

To combat this, First Card Payments recommends opening multiple high-risk merchant accounts for nutraceutical businesses – backups that are there just in case there is any interruption in service. With bank & ISOs guidelines and regulations constantly changing, as well as all the different types of nutra products, you can see why you need to stay a couple of steps ahead of the game.

Nutraceutical Merchant Account Consultation with FCP


N utraceuticals are otherwise known as, or even advertised as, cure-alls. “Get super lean or increase your brain function with natural products – better results than pharmaceuticals.” It sounds too good to be true; some companies use illegitimate marketing tactics that have spoiled the industry for honest nutraceutical companies who genuinely want to offer people natural alternatives. As a result, the FTC has strict guidelines for companies selling products that do not work as advertised.

It’s common for companies to market their product as the best in the world, a product that could change your life! And that means that nutraceuticals fall into a gray area. You have to be aware of your nutraceutical marketing ideas so you are not breaking any rules the FTC has set.

First Card Payments works with you to ensure that your company maintains a healthy merchant account status, preventing false labels by any governing bodies. We have years of experience working with nutraceutical companies, banks, and ISOs. Our experts will guide you through nutraceutical laws and best business practices to make sure you are always compliant so you never have to risk losing your nutraceutical merchant account.

Types of Nutraceutical Companies We Service:

  • Dietary supplements
  • Weight loss Garcinia Cambogia Extract
  • Different types of vitamins and minerals
  • Natural Male Enhancements
  • Nootropics – Brain and Cognitive enhancers
  • Workout and sport supplements
  • CBD products
  • & more!

Nutraceutical Sales Solutions

Through our network, we can accommodate all manner of nutraceutical sales, including, but not limited to:

  • Nutra straight sales
  • Nutra trails and offers
  • Nutra continuity accounts
  • Nutra subscription accounts

Pricing for Nutraceutical Merchant Accounts

Just because nutraceutical businesses are considered high risk doesn’t mean they should be subjected to high merchant account fees. We offer a fee structure that is 25% less than the competition and we get those fee reductions for most of our high-risk nutraceutical merchant accounts.

When First Card Payments sets up payment processing for your nutraceutical business, our team works with your existing eCommerce, CRM, and marketing automation system. Our software can be integrated with all your existing software and applied directly to your website’s shopping cart. We provide a payment gateway that is secure, easy to use, and perfect for a high-risk merchant account.


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Why the Nutraceuticals Industry Is High Risk

The nutraceuticals industry is projected to be worth $300 billion by 2021, but even so, these businesses are considered high-risk by the banks.

It’s a simple case of a few bad apples spoiling the bunch. Some nutraceutical companies are amazing! They provide quality products that work as advertised. But there are many other nutra companies that offer terrible products and make impossible claims. Companies promise the world and when they don’t deliver, their customers want their money back, hence chargebacks. That’s one of the most common reasons companies are considered high risk.

But there are also subscription-based nutraceutical companies that will receive chargebacks because customers forget they were being billed monthly. This is not the company’s fault, of course, but inevitably, chargebacks will occur.

Finally, some nutraceutical customer accounts are created using fraudulent credit cards. That’s why it is important to have a company like First Card Payments guide you through the tricks of the trade to mitigate these types of situations. We have a full suite of chargeback prevention tips and solutions available to our clients. Our team also has the experience, expertise, and techniques used in the industry to keep those inevitable chargebacks low and even prevent them from occurring.

We are your partner in providing a nutraceutical merchant account that lasts.

Besides chargeback mitigation programs, there are other basic techniques to avoid chargebacks in your nutraceutical business. Excellent customer service, following through with timely emails as well as options for customer refunds are ways to prevent chargebacks. For example, the Customer Service Department can ask customers about their level of satisfaction; this way customers that are not satisfied with their purchase can not only feel heard and valued, but a refund can be issued before it escalates to a chargeback. In the nutraceutical industry, like it or not, refunds are just part of doing business.

Why First Card Payments Is the Best Choice for Nutraceutical Merchant Accounts

  • No application or setup fees, unlike just about everybody else. We don’t believe in nickel and diming you or hiding fees.
  • Most times there will be no early termination fees or cancellation fees on account of the month-to-month agreements available, so you can leave anytime without consequences.
  • First Card Payments can take 25% off of the marked-up merchant fees most of the time.
  • Over the past decade, we have fostered numerous relationships with the heads of over 30 banks and ISOs, which allows our clients to benefit from quick approvals and lower fees, perhaps even additional special considerations.
  • Our team will find a solution regardless of the situation, from card-not-present transactions to bad credit or too many chargebacks.
  • We offer an encrypted and easy-to-use credit repair gateway.

Call us to get started and get approved for a nutraceutical merchant account in just a few days!


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