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Auto Transport Merchant Accounts

First Card Payments has over 20 years experience as an auto transport merchant processor.

Auto Transport Brokers. Specialized Freight Trucking. Are you a Cargo Broker? Why is it more difficult to obtain a merchant account for your auto business? Because of the risk. Auto industry companies are all considered high risk by the banks and ISOs. The reason being is the risk of damage to the Cargo being shipped and the valuables can also be lost as well.

First Card Payments accepts all level of credit, strives for fast approval and offers up to 25% off for all auto transport merchant accounts.

You concentrate on your business, spend time building your empire and networking with clients and partners and let us handle your payment processing and gateway.

At First Card Payments, you’ll have a partner on your side making the process extremely easy for you.

Besides the normal risk of chargebacks, the Banks and ISO’s take on additional risk when the average ticket amounts are higher than normal.

Benefits of Auto Transport Merchant Accounts:


Better Service

No application or setup fees. Personal FCP consultant.

Better Fees

Up to 25% off the markup on your current fees. All credit levels accepted.

Better Relationships

Benefit from our relationships. Benefit from our networks.

Better Quality

Consultation to Mitigate & Fix Chargebacks. Online Merchant Processing gateways.

Why Choose First Card Payments?

Our expertise is what sets us apart. Unlike our competition, we are in this for the long haul and we want to help, consult and guide your business for quick approvals and long-term merchant processing success. We will strategize with you to keep your merchant processing efficient, easy and affordable. We will help you keep chargeback ratios down, as well as helping you grow without being limited by merchant processing caps, so you can expand. We like to set our clients up with backup accounts, thereby giving you an added layer of protection if an account gets terminated for any reason.

We are not just an Auto Transport business merchant account provider; we are in your corner, fighting for you behind the scenes.

  • The ISO/bank sets a fee which the merchant processing company can’t go below, but they can go higher and they do. At First Card Payments, we take up to 25% less, 9 out of 10 times for all jewelry merchant accounts.
  • We work with you to mitigate your chance of receiving a chargeback in the first place. We don’t just fix it, we help you prevent it.
  • Full encrypted, safe and secure payment gateway that is reliable (it won’t go down in the middle of a transaction) and easy to use (you don’t need a PhD. to use it. We also provide web development for all payment gateways.
  • Honesty and transparency are our calling cards. We get our clients to lower fees and we maintain a long-lasting client relationship; it’s a win-win.

You will need a merchant service provider that specializes in high risk merchant processing for a Auto Transport Merchant Processing Account. First Card Payments is that provider.

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Our Clients Success is OUR SUCCESS

Although the Auto Transport industry is considered high risk, it doesn’t mean you must pay high fees for merchant services.

It’s true an Auto Transport merchant account will incur higher fees than a traditional merchant account considered low risk by the merchant processing industry.

Unfortunately, most merchant processing companies will take unfair advantage of you being in the high risk category and charge exorbitant fees. You won’t hear this from your Auto Transport merchant account provider, but each and every high risk merchant processing company uses a particular ISO that works with the bank. That’s how the industry works.

The ISO sets a fee which the merchant processing company can’t go below, but they can go higher and they do. The merchant processing company you contacted marks up that fee, 9 out of 10 times, way more than they should. At First Card Payments, our mission is to create long lasting client relationships. We put the same level of care into creating relationships with our clients, the banks, and ISO’s that we partner with to provide Auto Transport merchant account solutions.

Honesty and transparency are our calling cards. You get lower fees and we maintain a long lasting client relationship; it’s a win-win.


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