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Luxury Experience + 25% Lower  Fees

First Card Payments has over 20 years experience as an online merchant processor.

Jet charters and private airlines survive by providing exceptional service. This is something that we understand and thrive to create the same level of service First Card Payments for all of our jet and airline merchant account holders. 

You have to provide excellent service so you need a partner that provides the same.

When it comes to obtaining a merchant processing account for the Airline and Jet Charter industry it’s not as easy as just walking into your local bank right around the corner. Airlines are considered a standard risk business type with high risk tendencies. A grey area.

Your clients may have bookings that won’t be utilized for many months. It’s no wonder Banks/ISO‘s consider this industry as a high risk sector. 

First Card Payments wants to keep you as a client for as long as you’re in business which means we will have you set up with the lowest rate possible and the best customer service in the industry.

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Benefits of Airline Merchant Accounts:

Better Fees

  • Up to 25% off the markup on your current fees.
  • No early termination fees or cancellation fees.

Better Service

  • Luxury service for luxury clients.
  • Personal FCP consultant.

Better Relationships

  • Benefit from our relationships.
  • Benefit from our networks.

Better Quality

  • Consultation to Mitigate & Fix Chargebacks.
  • Encrypted and easy to use Online Merchant Processing gateways.

Airline Chargeback Mitigation Program

difference between chargeback and refundThe one big drawback to a Airline Merchant Processing Account is the higher risk associated with bookings that are months out and so chargebacks are prevalent. 

All Airline Charter merchant accounts receive our chargeback mitigation program included at no extra charge. 

This program alerts our airline merchant 24-78hrs before a Chargeback occurs.

This allows you to refresh your client’s memory and resolve the issue right there on the spot. In a worst-case situation, refunds can be applied before a Chargeback hits.

A bank or ISO would much rather see a refund as opposed to a chargeback. Another major advantage to a Chargeback mitigation program is once you received a chargeback, an experienced representative will fight and win the majority of your chargebacks on your behalf.

This allows your company to retain the original purchase money. Also, by winning the majority of your Chargebacks your Current Bank/ISO realizes that you’re a reputable company even if your ratios hover in the higher allowed range set by Mastercard, Visa, American Expresses, and Discover.

Why Choose First Card Payments

These are the benefits of you, our Airline merchant account holder, receive when working with First Card Payments:

  • The ISO/bank sets a fee which the merchant processing company can’t go below, but they can go higher and they do. At First Card Payments, we take up to 25% less, 9 out of 10 times for all jewelry merchant accounts.
  • We work with you to mitigate your chance of receiving a chargeback in the first place. We don't just fix it, we help you prevent it. 
  • Full encrypted, safe and secure payment gateway that is reliable (it won't go down in the middle of a transaction) and easy to use (you don't need a PhD. to use it. We also provide web development for all payment gateways
  • Honesty and transparency are our calling cards. We get our clients to lower fees and we maintain a long-lasting client relationship; it’s a win-win.

You will need a merchant service provider that specializes in high risk merchant processing for a AirlineMerchant Processing Account. First Card Payments is that provider. 

Our Clients Success is OUR SUCCESS

Although the Airline Industry is considered high risk, it doesn’t mean you must pay high fees for merchant services.

It’s true a Airline Merchant Processing Business will incur higher fees than a traditional merchant account considered low risk by the merchant processing industry.

Unfortunately, most merchant processing companies will take unfair advantage of you being in the high risk category and charge exorbitant fees.

At First Card Payments Expect ROCK BOTTOM FEES!

Honesty and transparency are our calling cards. We get you to lower fees and this way we maintain a long-lasting client relationship; it’s a win-win.

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