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Educational seminars and business coaching are worth $11 billion and growing. People are starving for information as well as guidance and striving to better themselves. The education and seminar industry has thrived as a result and will continue to reach millions. It’s more important than ever to make sure you open an educational seminar merchant account with a payment processing company you can trust.


Limitless Payment Options for Educational Seminar Businesses 

Educational seminars often, if not always, offer books, audio materials, and other products for sale, not to mention additional upcoming seminars. Therefore, a secure payment gateway is a vital component of these types of events. First Card Payments offers reliable payment software and gateways to ensure that you are able to conduct business and process payments without interruption.

Almost 52,000 businesses make up the educational seminar industry, which will continue to grow. Let’s face it, people are always interested in improving and expanding their skillsets as the world, society, and technology evolve.

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Benefits of Educational Seminar Merchant Accounts with First Card Payments

Finding the Right Payment Processing Provider for Your Educational Seminar Business

Staying ahead of the competition is part of running a successful business. Everyone from employees, business owners, freelancers, and beyond can gain a competitive edge by staying up to date on advancements in their respective fields.

As a business coach, you may have a fixed location where you conduct seminars and training sessions or you may travel to different places. In any case, finding the right payment gateway provider is essential. Partnering with First Card Payments to open an educational seminar merchant account can benefit your business in a myriad of ways.

  • While banks and ISOs markup high-risk merchant fees, First Card Payments is able to save you up to 25% off most of the time.
  • Our experts offer chargeback prevention tips and mitigation to help you maintain a low rate.
  • The payment gateways we offer are reliable, fully encrypted, and easy to use. We also provide web development for all payment gateways.
  • Our team prides itself on its honesty and transparency to ensure our clients receive exceptional merchant services.

A provider specializing in high-risk merchant accounts will give your business a better chance for approval as well as lower fees. First Card Payments has garnered relationships with over 30 banks and ISOs in order to offer clients the best chance at success as they open an educational seminar merchant account.

Educate the People & Leave the Rest to Our Experts

One of the benefits of hosting a conference or seminar is that people are in a learning mindset and are therefore more willing to purchase the educational materials you offer. The downside, however, is that they may change their minds after the fact and request a refund, or worse, a chargeback. The experts at First Card Payments help you manage these situations, providing chargeback prevention tips and mitigation.

Talk to our team to learn how First Card Payments can help your business open and manage an educational seminar merchant account!

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