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First Card Payments boasts more than two decades of expertise as a high-risk merchant processor catering to cannabis seed businesses.

Navigating the complex landscape of high-risk merchant accounts for cannabis seed businesses, including credit card processing, can be intimidating. The cannabis seed industry encounters difficulties in terms of payment processing due to the complex rules and regulations as well as various legal statuses varying from state to state, making it a maze for business owners trying hard to find a safe, dependable way of making credit card payments. Consequently, this sector is thought to be classified among high-risk industries.

More importantly, how can First Card Payments, an industry leader in high-risk payment processing, help you navigate these choppy waters?

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This limits credit card sales transactions using traceable payments such as cryptocurrency or third-party services like multi-pay solutions or aggregators because credit card processors cannot accept purchases from this sector directly. Henceforth, many involved in cannabis seed dealings face difficulty when it comes time to receive their credit card payments online.

As a well-regarded payment processing firm, First Card Payments possesses more than two decades of industry experience and maintains strong partnerships with over 30 banks and ISOs, making it one of the top merchant account providers in the field.

We have a deep understanding of this landscape, including the unique challenges of cannabis seed payment processing. While our competitors may suggest exorbitant credit card processing fees due to the taboo nature of the cannabis seed industry, that’s not the case with us.

In truth, within the realm of high-risk industries, securing quick approvals for cannabis seed businesses is relatively straightforward for us, thanks to our expertise in payment gateways and merchant services.

Benefits of Cannabis Seed Merchant Accounts

with First Card Payments

Custom-made solutions

Custom-made solutions, including credit card processing and payment processors, are essential for navigating the intricate payment processing world of cannabis seed businesses. Partnering with specialists like First Card Payments, who are experienced merchant account providers in high-risk industries, can make it much simpler.

With specialized services and a deep understanding of the hemp and cannabis industry, this company provides custom-made solutions that match your specific needs.

Better procedures

Better procedures are in place when you choose First Card Payments for your credit card payments. Their credit card processors and payment gateway offer you all the necessary means for accepting payments via credit cards. This includes fast approval procedures, an easy pricing model, 24/7 support service, as well as same-day deposits, making them one of the top payment processing services for high-risk businesses.

Seamless integrations

Seamless integrations into the world of cannabis credit card processing are crucial. By picking First Card Payments, you will receive guidance from their knowledgeable personnel, which is ideal when aiming at achieving seamless integration into the unique requirements in place with respect to those selling cannabis seeds through banks or any other institution offering monetary transactions utilizing cards such as debit or credit.

High-quality results

High-quality results are guaranteed when you choose First Card Payments for your payment processing solutions. Experience better quality with our customized online merchant processing gateway.

Our state-of-the-art process, backed by financial institutions, is tailored to meet your unique business needs in the cannabis seed industry, ensuring seamless transactions, fraud protection, and enhanced security.

Don’t Make These Mistakes with Your Cannabis Seed Payment Processor

When utilizing a cannabis seed payment processor, such as First Card Payments, specializing in payment processing solutions, you must ensure the business is compliant with applicable laws and regulations, including high-risk merchant services, as well as keep records of payments processed, customers’ data, and processing fees.

To prevent fraud and guarantee secure transactions for your establishment plus clients’ confidentiality, it’s important to utilize encryption technology and two-factor authentication systems, in line with the best payment processor practices, to apply anti-fraud tools.

When selecting an integration platform for your high-risk merchant account, always verify that all needed forms of payment, including credit card processing and traditional payment processors, as well as various payment gateways, are compatible. Finally, don’t forget federal legalization matters and federal laws, which, if disregarded, could lead up to hefty fines or even closure, especially since cannabis products remain prohibited under Federal law in US territories.

First Card Payments, a reputable merchant account provider, will swiftly secure the appropriate merchant account for your company from the very beginning, allowing you to concentrate on the growth of your cannabis business while ensuring compliance with federal regulations and contract terms.

If You Are a High-Risk Merchant,

Do Not Use PayPal as Your Payment Processor

Given these risks, many businesses might consider opting for payment processors like PayPal. However, PayPal has strict policies against high-risk industries, leading to account limitations or sudden terminations. Therefore, relying on PayPal for your high-risk Cannabis Seeds merchant account can be risky.

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How First Card Payments Can Help You

The cannabis seed industry has been steadily growing, but many banks remain cautious when it comes to approving merchant accounts for businesses in this sector. Establishing and running a cannabis seed business can be challenging, as it’s often classified as a high-risk endeavor.

This categorization as high risk stems from several factors, including the nature of processing card-not-present transactions, dealing with a high volume of transactions, offering subscription-based services, and navigating legal regulations specific to the industry.

The good news is that it’s still feasible to secure approval for a high-risk cannabis seed merchant account, allowing you to conduct your business with confidence. Follow these tips:

Save Money: To increase your chances of securing approval for a cannabis seed merchant account, it’s essential to demonstrate financial stability. A prudent approach is to maintain a dedicated reserve account solely for handling refunds and chargeback fees. This financial cushion not only safeguards your business but also signals to banks your commitment to your enterprise, prompting them to take your application seriously.

Build Strong Credit: If you’re launching your first business, focus on establishing and enhancing your business credit score. This can be achieved by obtaining a business line of credit or a business credit card. Punctual and, if possible, early payments are crucial to forging a positive credit history and earning favorable scores from prominent credit reporting agencies. A poor credit history may diminish your prospects of adult merchant account approval.

Prioritize Transparency: Honesty is paramount when dealing with banks, especially concerning your business history. If you’ve previously had a merchant account terminated or experienced business bankruptcy, forthrightness is key. Be prepared to openly discuss these matters with the bank during the application process. While some banks may view these situations as red flags, transparency can still pave the way for approval, as banks prefer truthfulness over discovering hidden information.

Complete Documentation: Before initiating your merchant account application, ensure that you have all the necessary paperwork readily available to substantiate your business’s credibility. This comprehensive approach will bolster your application’s strength and enhance your chances of approval.

Getting a high-risk merchant account with First Card Payments is effortless. To begin, go to and fill out the application form, including details about your business such as its name, location, and contact information, among other facts required for registration process completion, which usually takes 24-48 hours before receiving approval from First Card Payments in order to get all benefits of owning this type of account – Offering an enticing 25% discount on fees especially beneficial when managing a cannabis seed related enterprise!


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