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First Card Payments has over 20 years experience as an online merchant processor.

Moving companies that can’t accept credit cards in this day and age are unable to grow and prosper. Banks and ISOs classify any moving company that does not have their own trucks or storage facility as a high risk merchant account.

If you want to grow your business, make money and worry less about the details, you will have to find a merchant account for moving companies that you can trust. A company that does all the hard work so you can enjoy the fruits of your labors.

It may be true that you’re considered a high-risk industry by the banks and ISO’s that provide merchant services. However, that shouldn’t stop you from having a merchant services account for your moving broker company and keeping it as well.

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First Card Payments Makes Accepting Money Easy

We also provide merchant processing services for similar businesses within the moving industry many are not considered high risk including:

  • merchandise warehouses
  • storage facilities
  • household furniture movers
  • office furniture movers
  • motor freight carriers
  • self-storage rentals
  • local couriers
  • refrigerated warehousing
  • long distance truckers
  • local truckers

Moving companies are a segment of the moving industry which is growing yearly by the billions. As a moving broker you are providing a much-needed service at a much more affordable price than if a client went directly to a moving company.

That savings for the client is very significant and that is why Moving Broker’s exist in the first place. As a moving broker you must have the ability to accept Credit cards and you need to be able to do this without having to pay out exorbitant fees for the ability to do as such.

Also, you do not want to be approved for a merchant service account only to be terminated shortly thereafter. That’s where First Card Payments can help you! We will obtain for you merchant processing accounts with the lowest fees in the industry and at the same time help you with holding on to this and your current account.

When you’ve been in business as long as we have here at First Card Payments and have the experience that we have in the moving industry, this allows us to go to the best possible Bank or ISOs for fast easy approvals and at the lowest rates and fees.

In order to hold on to your merchant processing account, as a business we need to keep our chargebacks low; that’s why chargeback protection services exist.
However, all moving brokers are not created equal and that holds true with chargeback protection companies as well. First Card Payments will set up your account with the best charge back protection company based on real life experience, so as to allow your business to run smoothly.

We can help you take the first step.


Although the Moving Broker industry is considered high risk, it doesn’t mean you must pay high fees for merchant services.

It’s true an Moving Broker merchant account will incur higher fees than a traditional merchant account considered low risk by the merchant processing industry.

Unfortunately, most merchant processing companies will take unfair advantage of you being in the high risk category and charge exorbitant fees. You won’t hear this from your Moving Broker merchant account provider, but each and every high risk merchant processing company uses a particular ISO that works with the bank. That’s how the industry works.

The ISO sets a fee which the merchant processing company can’t go below, but they can go higher and they do. The merchant processing company you contacted marks up that fee, 9 out of 10 times, way more than they should. At First Card Payments, our mission is to create long lasting client relationships. We put the same level of care into creating relationships with our clients, the banks, and ISO’s that we partner with to provide Moving Broker merchant account solutions.

Honesty and transparency are our calling cards. You get lower fees and we maintain a long lasting client relationship; it’s a win-win.

Why First Card Payments

  • No application or setup fees (unlike just about everybody else). We don’t believe in nickel and diming you or hiding fees that you won’t see until later.
  • Most times there will be no early termination fees or cancellation fees, which means this agreement is month to month, so you can leave anytime without consequences.
  • Whether you’ve been in business many years or you have at least 6 months of prior processing history, 99% of the time First Card Payments will save you a minimum of 25% of the markup of your current fees.
  • Over the past decade we have accumulated over 30+ relationships with banks and ISOs. Some of these relationships are personal and directly with the owners, presidents, and CEOS of these companies. That can only be a big advantage for approvals which may need special considerations.
  • No matter the situation- termination reasons (high chargebacks, bad credit, card not present (CNP))- we have additional solutions that will accept almost any situation.


Our expertise is what sets us apart. Unlike our competition, we are in this for the long haul and we want to help, consult and guide your business for quick approvals and long-term merchant processing success. We will strategize with you to keep your merchant processing efficient, easy and affordable. We will help you keep chargeback ratios down, as well as helping you grow without being limited by merchant processing caps, so you can expand. We like to set our clients up with backup accounts, thereby giving you an added layer of protection if an account gets terminated for any reason.

We are not just an Moving Broker business merchant account provider; we are in your corner, fighting for you behind the scenes. Learn how to become a moving broker , methods of payments you can accept, setting up payment processing, avoiding chargebacks, learn why moving broker receive so many chargebacks and follow all the laws and regulations and give us a call when you're ready to get started.

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