Jewelry Merchant Accounts

Fast Approval + 25% Lower  Fees

First Card Payments has over 20 years of experience as a jewelry merchant processor.

The online jewelry industry has exploded and shows no signs of cooling any time soon. Jewelry merchant accounts are in high demand thanks to online platforms like Etsy, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. With the right payment processing company and a great platform, your jewelry business will shine.


Merchant Account & Consulting Services for Your Jewelry Business

In 2018, online jewelry sales increased by over 14%, reaching $5 billion. Whether you’re selling fine jewelry, fashion and cosmetic jewelry, or diamonds for bespoke pieces and engagement rings, you need a jewelry merchant account that can meet your unique needs.

Some sellers can’t simply go to their local bank and swoop up an online jewelry payment processing account because the industry is considered a high-risk business by the majority of banks and ISOs.

First Card Payments specializes in high-risk merchant accounts. Our experts will guide you through the process of applying for a jewelry merchant account and help you navigate what that may entail.

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First Card Payments Offers Online Jewelry Merchant Accounts

Better Fees

  • Up to 25% off the markup on your current fees
  • No early termination fees or cancellation fees

Better Service

  • Personal FCP consultant

Better Relationships

  • Benefit from our relationships and network

Better Quality

  • Team of experts
  • Easy-to-use payment gateways that are fully encrypted

What Makes FCP Different?

Our team at First Card Payments wants to build relationships, cultivate an extensive network, and above all, we want our customers to be incredibly successful. 

We work with massive corporations, small businesses, mom-and-pop shops as well as budding jewelry entrepreneurs. We are in your corner every step of the way and treat every single business the same. There are numerous benefits of partnering with FCP to open an online jewelry merchant account.


  • Lower merchant fees by up to 25% of the marked-up prices set by banks and ISOs
  • Prevention and mitigation of chargebacks.
  • Exceptional level of care in creating relationships with clients, banks, and ISOs that we partner with to provide merchant account solutions
  • Honesty and transparency in every interaction


Celebrating Your Success as an Online Jewelry Merchant

When we provide merchant accounts for online jewelry sellers, we commit ourselves to their success. Whether you sell on Etsy, through a website, or in a brick-and-mortar store, you need a merchant account provider that's on your team and able to provide ways to accept money on a WordPress site, among other tasks. 

Every time one of our jewelry clients succeeds, we celebrate. Every time we aid them in a chargeback dispute that wins, we celebrate. 

We are not a nameless, faceless company, we are your partner. Let us help you shine. 

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