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Ways to Accept Payment on a WordPress Website

Online Payment Options for Your E-Store

online payment optionsBeing able to accept credit card payments online is crucial regardless of whether you just set up a high-risk merchant account or are already an established merchant. Accepting online payments is an advantage for businesses to be able to reach a wider consumer base.Customers are likely to make a purchase and will come back for future purchases knowing they have different payment options; however, not all payment gateways are compatible with all e-commerce structures.

If you are launching or revamping your WordPress e-store for your products or services, there are different plugins that you can use to be able to accept online payments once you partner with a reputable credit card processor.

WordPress Plug-Ins to Accept Payments Online


[1] PayPal Pay Now

PayPal is one of the most trusted names in the payment gateways industry today. With millions of users globally, potential customers can be converted into paying customers as they are likely to complete the check-out process.This plugin is easy to install and can be inserted anywhere on your business site. You just need to follow the instructions from PayPal and receive the snippet code that you can add to your page. Even without an account, you have the option to add payment buttons manually or using the plugin.

[2] WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an open-source payment gateway with over 300 add-ons and features essential for managing your online store. These extra functionalities and extensions allow you to incorporate other online payment gateways. Just install, activate the plugin, and follow the next steps to complete the set-up.

[3] Authorize.Net

This payment gateway is here to help your business grow by simplifying the payment process through contactless transactions; debit or credit card. Apart from these basic services, also offers protection for your business and customers through advanced fraud detection filters, which aligns with some of the payment industry trends of 2021 concerning fraud protections. The ability to expand your market is also possible as this gateway allows your business to accept multiple currencies. is not free, however; an account set up fee of about $49 and a monthly gateway fee of $25 are required.

[4] Stripe

Stripe is a perfect choice if you want to expand your market base internationally. This payment gateway also has its own POS system if you intend to put up a physical store in the future. But for online payments, Stripe allows you to accept payments of multiple currencies and automatically convert them. This option requires payment for the software; other fees can be accessed through their website.

[5] Amazon Pay

The brand is globally recognized, making it one of the best in the industry. Having Amazon Pay on your online store is an advantage as customers need not be directed to a different page to complete the payment process; instead, customers only need to log in to their Amazon account for that seamless transaction.  If you are thinking of taking your brick-and-mortar store online or you are a startup company looking to grow your business, Amazon Pay is the best.

Setting up online payment options for your WordPress site is crucial to make sure your business will succeed. Contactless payment options should be easy and can cater to almost all your potential customers’ needs in order for contactless payments to benefit your high-risk business with hassle-free transactions.Contact us to help you set up a high-risk merchant account so you can get your business off the ground and online so you can start accepting cashless payments.

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