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5 Tips to Cut Costs on Business Operations

It’s Time to Cut Costs on Business Operations

A lot of entrepreneurs say that a successful business is all about striking the right balance between spending and earning. But in the real world, the balance is almost impossible to achieve because in most cases, you’re actually spending more than you’re earning.

There are ways, however, to cut on operational costs and you don’t have to change a lot in your system to follow them:


Reduce your office space.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, at least 7 million Americans are already working remotely. With the average rental cost between $8 and $23 per square foot, you can choose a space that’s smaller to accommodate only the people who need to be in that location.

For the rest of your team (and even you), you can start trying remote work to save money on rent.


Switch your merchant account.

You may not know it, but you’re not only paying for a fee per transaction, which is between 1.75% and 3% of the total amount, some providers could also be charging you assessment fees, scheduled fees, chargeback fees and other costs that could add up to your monthly statement.

If you want to cut costs, try switching your merchant account to a provider that could offer you a good flat rate where everything is already included in one payment.    


Automate some of your processes.

If you want to cut costs while maintaining—or even improving—efficiency, you have to embrace automation in some of your processes.

Accounting, communications, payroll, human resource and marketing are some of the best functions to automate to reduce man-hours spent on a task so you can cut down on operational costs without sacrificing the delivery of services. In fact, you can minimize risks for human error with automation, which can improve your efficiency as an organization.


Be smart about supplies.

If you’ve been spending a lot on purchasing wholesale supplies, it’s time to be smarter about buying them by keeping tabs on supply costs to know if you can purchase what you need at a lower rate from an alternate supplier.

Another way to save some money is to build a good relationship with your suppliers. Pay your bills promptly and you’ll be able to get discounts, especially if you’re a regular purchaser. You could even get first dibs on offers if you are popular with suppliers.


Combine traditional and online marketing.

Marketing doesn’t have to take up a huge chunk of your budget because you can always reach more people online without spending a lot. Start by creating a website and building your social media presence to be able to interact with your target market.

Email marketing is another cost-efficient marketing solution where you can offer useful information about your business and the industry.


In a time when the future can be uncertain, it’s best to be smart about running your business so you can survive for a long time and even grow no matter what situation you’re in.

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