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Best POS Systems for Restaurants

Best POS Systems for Restaurants


If you run any type of eatery or retail food business, you need the best POS systems for restaurants if you want to manage things well and process payments securely. Of course, the “best” of anything is a subjective measurement dependent on the individual needs of the person or business using it. Different restaurants need different options. For example, a fine dining establishment may need handheld credit card processing tablets that accept mobile wallets like Apple Pay while a local pizza shop needs payment processing for food delivery services and an integrated delivery order system. 

According to some of the top financial sites today, including Investopedia and NerdWallet, these restaurant POS systems are ranked the highest. Explore all your options carefully before making a final decision on which one to integrate into your everyday operations. The following list is offered in no specific ranked order.


Touch Bistro

Local restaurants can appreciate the free payment processing as long as they are comfortable with the higher monthly bills for this POS system for restaurants. You can easily run this payment processor on an iPad, so you do not need to invest in any additional hardware unless your restaurant business model requires it. It includes table management, menu organization, inventory management, and more.



When it comes to affordability, you cannot beat free. With the Square restaurant POS systems, you get free setup and no monthly charges. Their per-payment processing fees are also competitive with other providers. This is one of the oldest POS providers around and they continue to offer excellent service and upgraded software for their users. You do not have to pay extra for higher numbers of users although there are premium services that come with additional fees.



Although one of the most expensive on this list with considerable monthly fees and slightly higher individual payment processing, this point-of-sale system offers a lot of customization options. If you run an unusual eatery or offer a lot of different options like dine-in, take-out, and delivery, it may help to have this type of powerful platform on your side.



 Although you can get started for free with Toast, they do charge slightly more for processing secure payments. However, they have a very good reputation in the point-of-sale industry and offer many unique features that restaurants can appreciate. The guest feedback management capabilities and integrated loyalty program are a great addition to this POS system. This company offers a variety of hardware and software bundles that can help you get started quickly.



 Collecting data in easy-to-read reports is an essential part of running a successful restaurant these days. Upserve has excellent reporting capabilities and no payment processing fees. Instead, they charge more per month for the whole system. This POS is most often recommended for dine-in eateries as they offer counter terminals, printers, kitchen displays, and tableside units.

Many other options exist for a diverse range of restaurants and other businesses with high-risk merchant accounts. Explore your options and make sure you are getting the best deal for your specific needs.

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