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CBD Beverages… A Thirst That Must Be Quenched

CBD Drinks Are On The Way!

CBD merchant accountsCBD industry test tubes are about to become even more sought after. Due to its increasing and ever-expanding availability, as well as its seeming capacity to aid with various health scenarios, the popularity of CBD products continues to grow with extreme rapidity among consumers. Truth be told, 14% of Americans admit to using CBD products. Among them, 40% use CBD to alleviate pain, 20% to help lesson anxiety and 11% use CBD products as a sleep aid. In fact, it is expected that U.S. CBD sales will reach an incredible $23 billion by the year 2025.

Growth Leads To Variety

Along with this phenomenal growth comes many different product forms, inclusive of creams, oils, tinctures, lotions, capsules, pills and edibles. You would likely expect that consumers would be more than content with having such a wide variety of user-friendly CBD products currently available to choose from.

The fact is, that’s hardly the case. In actuality, the general public is constantly on the lookout for new and improved products, when it comes to the purchasing of CBD oil in its various forms.          

Enter Beverages…

Bearing this in mind, those in the know claim that beverages are considered by many to be the next big thing within the already product diverse CBD industry.

And why not?

CBD is a natural sugar, sodium and caffeine free substance, that offers a health friendly and possibly healing form of already popular libations, such as iced coffee & tea, wine & beer, juice, kombucha, energy drinks, as well as, flavored & non-flavored water.

The list goes on and on, with each item both appealing and inviting. It is no wonder the general public is invested in seeing CBD beverages become a reality. It is certainly not difficult to imagine adults of all types and backgrounds partaking in and enjoying all of these different types of CBD beverages, thus making it easy to envision a highly profitable future for the CBD industry.

But… Is It Legal?

According to the Food & Drug Administration, it is illegal to manufacture, market or sell any food and drink products infused with CBD oil. At least, that was what the FDA said in 2019.

This year, they have yet to make any definitive statements regarding the subject, so far. As things stand, laws regarding all types of CBD products vary greatly from state to state; the result being that legal lines remain blurry and confusing in this area. However, there have recently been several federal class action lawsuits lodged against CBD oil product manufacturers.

The Wait Is On

As things now stand, federal and state lawmakers are currently paused as they consider whether or not to take a further stand against CBD oil product manufacturers or very possibly decide to reverse their past decisions.

While manufacturers are waiting to see just what will be decided, the making of CBD beverages is presently on hold. However, the general public is most assuredly thirsty for CBD infused drinks of all kinds and the demand to have them made available is quite strong.

If public pressure wins out, the future of the CBD industry and the manufacturing of CBD beverages, most certainly looks to be extremely successful and lucrative.  

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