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Credit Repair Agency Payment Methods

methods to accept paymentPayments have become increasingly digital. Millennials and boomers alike have turned to digital payments as the fastest and safest method to pay online bills, including credit repair agencies. Credit repair agency payment methods have followed this trend.

Before you can collect payment online, you must first set up a payment system. What you use will depend on what payment you’ll accept.

But because it would be to your advantage to provide consumers with a variety of options, learn more about the many ways you can accept online payments.

Credit cards and debit cards

Of course, all methods to online accept payment are going to rely on plastic and not paper. This is the most basic way of accepting payments online. You need to have your own dedicated high risk merchant account to offer this feature to your clients. Another option would be to use an intermediary holding account.

The difference lies in the funding times and processing involved.

The most widely accepted credit cards are American Express, Mastercard and Visa. But your merchant processor can discuss all forms of payment that you may think is necessary.

Mobile payments

Though all online credit repair agency payment methods are digital, mobile is is more about form than means. The ability to swipe, key in, or dip a chip card on a mobile device increases your ability to sell products and services online. Through this payment option, payment is immediately confirmed, and the receipt emailed to you.

Through mobile payments, you not only serve your customers payment needs but also:

  • Manage customer accounts
  • Access cash flow reporting
  • Send invoices whenever and wherever

Mobile payment is not only convenient for the customers but the businesses as well.


Electronic check is one of the more popular ways to accept payments. This is made through direct debit of a bank account.

Using an online payment form or software interface, a customer only needs to input information from a paper check—authorization, account number, amount, name, and routing, for the payment process to proceed electronically.

This payment option is done through ACH processing, which the National Automated Clearing House Association controls.

It is more secure and predictable than waiting for a check to arrive by post. Moreover, transaction fees are lower compared to paying through credit cards.

Online payment gateway

This type of payment process requires you to add a simple payment form on your website that customers will use to pay directly. The forum allows clients to create their account and save their payment information for faster and more convenient repeat transactions.

This type of payment process can be outsourced to providers of online payment services.

The same team that secures customer account information, hosts the payment form and provides secure payment processing. This is one of the most essential credit repair agency payment methods.

Click-to-pay email invoicing

With this payment option, you email an invoice to your customers which they will use to pay their dues. You will then receive your payment in seconds.

What makes this option a good choice is that it offers you and your customers a fully integrated experience. It also streamlines reporting and allows you to manage your data securely.

Recurring billing system

If you run a business where customers have to pay monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually, you should set up a recurring billing system to ensure you get paid on time.

But because a lot of clients can hardly keep track of due dates, part of this payment process is to send email reminders to customers and billing them on a recurring basis. This will significantly improve the lives of your customer and increase satisfaction.

As you can see, you have plenty of options to accept payments. Now all you need to do is set them up.

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Mitchell Fardell is a highly experienced payment processor who has worked for First Card Payments since 2019. In that time, he has worked on large accounts, small accounts, and everything in between.

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