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Credit Repair Business Guide

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Needs a credit repair business guide? First Card Payments has served credit repairs businesses for over a decade and in that time we have learned a great deal from our clients.

It’s with that in mind that we have decided to create our own little how to guide, for any budding entrepreneurs that think that the credit repair industry is the right choice for them



Why You Should Start a Credit Repair Business

The credit repair industry is as lucrative as it difficult to begin. The industry is on the verge of a major tipping point as student loan debt balloons and millennials enter the mortgage market.

This is the prime time to begin your journey into the world of credit repair.

  • You can work from the comfort of your house: Everyone likes the flexibility and comfort that comes with working from house. No strict office rules, no getting stuck on traffic or feeling uncomfortable in a tight dress/pant.
  • It is highly profitable. What is a business after all without profit?
  • Another interesting reason why you should consider starting up a credit repair business is that it is not dependent on the economy. Credit is important in financial environment, so it doesn’t rely on the economy.
  • It grows through referrals and affiliate relationships
  • People trust you to improve their financial status

Steps to Starting a Home Credit Repair Business

  1. Get the software for your credit repair business: Although you can operate your credit repair business with software, it is advisable to integrate software into your business. Having software would help you capture leads, manage events and contacts easily, organize clients and track progress on each credit inquiry and also export all your contacts for email marketing and newsletters.
  2. Get trained and certified on the credit repair processes: Acquire training, before taking on this business. Get all the knowledge you can.
  3. Make your business organized: First, have a credit repair business plan, then your employees should sign an NDA to make dire your training is for your business. Set up a recurring payment platform and do learn how to resist credit card processing pitfalls. Also, have a client agreement policy, it would help protect your business and build a good client relationship.
  4. Create an attractive website: An attractive website would attract more visitors. Place offers on your website properly, when I say offers, I do not mean ads. Request for people’s email while offering them contents; this will help increase your email marketing list.
  5. Have a platform for clients to communicate: You can set up a business voice mail, use a professional email address, get a business phone number and ensure you use credit repair business software communication tools.
  6. Offer free consultations: This will provide you contact information for you to follow-up on interested clients. Offering free consultations also aids prospects level of investment and indicates high level of interest.
  7. Your employees need training: Your business will run smoothly if your employees have basic knowledge of what the business is about. Do not keep them in the back. Some areas you can get your employees trained are;
    • Telephone conversations: Teach your customer service agent to be polite and clear.
    • Responding to emails professionally
    • Keeping a client information database
  1. Fulfill all regulatory requirements : Get your business license, obey tax rules and make sure you are not falling short of all required by the state policies.


Bonus Material

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are some additional resources that our clients have found useful when starting a credit repair business. WE have boiled these resources down to the most commonly used and widely praised.

The Ultimate Guide to Starting A Credit Repair Business (book)

Daniel Rosen is the Founder and CEO of In 2002, he invented the world’s first credit repair software. A decade later he launched Credit Repair Cloud, which now powers most of the credit repair industry world-wide. His products have helped millions of consumers to improve their credit and thousands of credit repair businesses to build and scale their processes.

Startups – Finding problems and solving them! – Reddit

Entrepreneur – Reddit 

Reddit is an incredible resource for everything and anything you want to find online. People from all over the world come together to share ideas as well as comment and encourage each other. The startup sub-reddit and entrepreneur sub-reddit will be a great resource not only to learn from other but post your own questions and get direct responses.



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Mitchell Fardell is a highly experienced payment processor who has worked for First Card Payments since 2019. In that time, he has worked on large accounts, small accounts, and everything in between.

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