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eBooks… A Very Important Marketing Tool For High Risk Merchant Businesses

What Are eBooks?

An eBook is an electronic book, produced in digital format, that can be read on all types of digital devices, including computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. Because we live in an age of all things electronic, eBooks are an extremely valuable and practical tool for reaching out to a huge audience, in order to introduce your business and the services and products it offers. eBooks have the ability to target enormous numbers of interested readers, generating many leads that eventually can and often do turn into paying clients and customers. eBook marketing is just taking that to the net logical conclusion, using existing material to convert potential clients into sales.

Marketing Your eBook

Marketing is one of the most important strategies any business can employ in order to help ensure its success. But boy there are lots of different marketing strategies that high risk merchant accounts can utilize to reach more clients. The question is which marketing strategy is the most effective in turning a prospect into a lifelong client?

Statistics say people are becoming more receptive to ebooks: user penetration is currently 10.5% and it is expected to hit 11.8% by 2022 [1]. And the truth is, if you are focusing on an online presence then you should already have lots of content ready for an ebook. What do I mean? I mean all the content on your website. Your blog, your FAQ page, and your own internal documents are a perfect place to mine for great content that you already have ready for an ebook. But we’ll get there.

By marketing your firm, you’re actually introducing it to your target audience, promoting your service or product, as well as involving potential and existing clients and customers in your operation, all of which leads to increased sales and growth. eBooks are an effective marketing tool and sometimes an underused tool. Content is king.[2] That’s a quote from the tech genius himself, Bill Gates. He said that in 1996 and it’s a phrase that is still repeated in marketing conferences all over the world, week after week to this very day.

An ebook is your best shot at developing your own industry-specific content that can entice customers to sign up for your service.

Use The Content You Have Right Now

Let’s not reinvent the wheel. You can release an ebook right now if you have already put in the work on your company website or on any marketing materials in the past. Fish our pamphlets, promotional materials, emails, or any ad copy from the past and start working on a small ebook that could be used as an informational ebook.

These days, there are many productive ways to market your company, including the use of social media, blogging, creating a website, advertising, direct mailings, customer loyalty programs, targeted emails, and media monitoring, just to name a few. Every one of these methods is commonly used by most businesses and has been proven to be quite successful if done correctly. However, there is yet another very fruitful and advantageous way to go, in the form of eBooks.

Although many businesses have discovered the extraordinary benefits of the eBook as a major marketing strategy, there are still too many firms that have yet to learn just how incredible a tool the eBook can be.

Value-Driven Content Leading To Sales

People on the Internet are, more often than not, information seekers looking for answers to their questions as well as ways to make things happen. That turns out to be very advantageous for the business world, as it creates an opportunity for companies to provide the information that’s being sought after. That’s where eBooks come in.

They offer consumers the information they’re seeking, in the form of value-driven content, while at the same time giving companies an easy and productive way to introduce their products and services. In other words, while reading your firm’s eBook, readers are getting their questions answered while being guided directly to your business. This process generates huge numbers of leads which will eventually bring about sales.

Forging Out The Details

When it comes to producing an eBook, bear in mind, one size does not fit all. eBooks can consist of hundreds of pages, only a few or even just one.  When deciding on size and content, your goal should be to provide your readers with just enough interesting and useful information to capture their interest, hold their attention so they don’t move on, and make them want to delve further, thus leading them straight to your business and the products and services you offer. If at all possible, do not charge a fee for your eBook.

You want to make it as accessible as possible to everyone interested. You don’t want to chase possible future customers and clients away. In fact, you may want to consider offering special discounts and promotions as a means of encouragement for your readers to go forward and further explore. In addition, if you’re looking to generate leads, you’ll want to “gate” your eBook (ask for contact information). This will enable you to contact current readers with future information and promotions.

Guiding Readers To Your eBooks

Once you’ve created your eBook, you’ll need to find ways to guide readers to it. It’s important to get the word out using as many methods as reasonably possible. You may want to introduce your eBook by placing “teaser” type ads and short videos as well as written posts, on all popular social media sites.

Sending out targeted emails is also very effective. Don’t forget to employ word of mouth. Even in our electronic age, talking about your eBook can be a great way to reach many people. The more you do to introduce your eBook, the more you’ll set your business up for increased sales and growth. That’s what business eBooks are all about.


[1]: Digital Publishing: eBooks Statistics Indicate Growing Popularity

[2]: Content is King: Brief Explanation – Bill Gates

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