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High-Risk Merchant Accounts in California: Finding the Right Partner with First Card Payments

It’s not easy being tagged as a high-risk merchant. The hassle of finding the right payment processing company, the extremely high fees, and the number of restrictions that you have will not only make it more difficult to run your business, but it will also put you at a higher risk for failure unless you find a high-risk merchant account in California that benefits your business.

This is why First Card Payments is here. Our team of experts has built strong relationships with more than 30 banks and ISOs for two decades. Our unparalleled experience with high-risk industries has allowed First Card Payments to find the best high-risk merchant accounts for different types of businesses, making it one of the most reliable payment processing partners in California.


Benefits of working with First Card Payments in California

You will have a hard time finding traditional financial institutions if you are a high-risk business in California. But when you choose First Card Payments as your partner, there are countless benefits.

  • Set up recurring billing without worrying about a high chargeback rate.
  • Open multiple backup high-risk merchant accounts in California to ensure continuity of business in the event of suspension or cancellation.
  • Take advantage of the chargeback prevention tips to keep your business account healthy and avoid high chargeback rates.
  • A higher chargeback rate threshold than the average business allows you to worry less about getting shut down by your bank or declined for further transactions.

Although you can expect to pay higher fees than low-risk merchants, First Card Payments will charge you lower than other high-risk merchant account providers without compromising the level of service we offer our clients.


High-Risk Industries in California that First Card Payments Serves

As one of the most trusted payment processing partners in California, First Card Payments has been serving clients from a wide range of industries including:

  • Adult Entertainment
  • Auto Transport
  • Credit Repair
  • Casino & Gambling
  • CBD
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Forex Trading
  • Firearms Retailers
  • Nutraceuticals
  • PC/Tech Support & Software
  • Recurring Billing Models
  • Social Networks
  • Subscription & Membership
  • Tobacco


If you’re unsure whether First Card Payments caters to your niche, contact our team to learn more about our merchant services.

While your traditional bank may deny your business a merchant account due to the risks involved in the business, you can count on First Card Payments to help you get a high-risk merchant account in California so you can accept credit and debit card payments.


Partner with First Card Payments Today

A high-risk business puts a lot of stress on you as an entrepreneur. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about all the hassles associated with high-risk industries in California because you can trust First Card Payments to offer you the best advice and services to suit the needs of your business.

Get in touch with the team from First Card Payments to discuss the merchant services we offer and save 25% when you sign up for a new high-risk merchant account in California.

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