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How To Accept Credit Card Payments Online

How To Accept Credit Card Payments Online


The Coronavirus pandemic has affected the global economy severely. It is a worldwide challenge and no one knows when the chaos will end. While everything is uncertain and everybody is at home on quarantine, take advantage of the time and the Internet.

Setting up an online credit card payment option allows you to make profits while buyers shop at the comforts of their home.

Integrating an online credit card payment option onto your business website is a very convenient and timely solution. There are two ways in which you can accept credit card payments online.

How to Setup Credit Card Payment Options


IMA or Internet Merchant Account


Your bank affirms the accessible assets, approves exchanges, and trades assets with the customer’s bank card. You can set up a merchant account by consulting with a reputable merchant service provider.

When evaluating merchant service providers, you have to consider details such as fraud protection, and types of payments that can be processed such as in-store, mobile, online.

Lastly, the charges – if it suits your budget. Above all, choose to work with a merchant service provider that suits the specific needs of your business and budget.


PSP or Payment Service Provider

free business resourcesThese are companies that accept credit card payments on your behalf. You as a business owner need not open a separate merchant bank account.

Although third party merchants do not require a setup fee, the transaction fee is much higher compared to when using merchant account.

Which Method Is More Suitable To Use

Understanding the process will help you come up with a well-informed decision. Choosing the best payment method for your business depends on your average price and the volume of your transaction.

If you are processing a huge amount per transaction, then using merchant account is a lot cheaper than third party merchant option. Besides, a merchant account is a convenient choice especially when the recession is over. This is the best choice when business prospers in the future.

However, using merchant account has some risks, too. It means risking your business with fraud and chargebacks. But then again, these risks can be minimized if not fully avoided.

On the other hand, a third party merchant or Payment Service Provider is ideal if you are just starting up if you just want to test the waters. It is also a better option budget wise as most third party merchants do not require a startup fee. Everything will be taken care of while you invest more time in your products or services and customers.

Besides, working with a reputable third party merchant allows your customers to be more comfortable giving their credit card details. Excellent reputation equals more sales as customers are willing to buy your products or avail your services.  

There are a lot of merchant account and payment service providers that you can choose from. Accepting credit card payments online will not only save you and your customers’ time by just a few simple clicks. It also increases sales and improves the customer experience.

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