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Matchmaking… An Age-Old Profession In A Very Modern World

Online dating is modern day matchmaking. Cupid has gone digital.

In some cultures, the tradition of matchmaking has been in existence as far back as the middle ages. The custom was originally derived for the sole purpose of the matchmaker creating a union which would result in participating families acquiring land and wealth through the practice of arranged marriage. This had very little, if anything, to do with how the prospective bride and groom felt about each other. In fact, finding love was in no way a consideration throughout the entire matchmaking process. The involved couple’s single purpose and function was strictly to enhance the status of their perspective families, a far cry from the present day’s love seeking goals and objectives.

Who Profits Today

In today’s world, the profession of matchmaking has developed into a very modern and sophisticated practice in which participants hire a professional possessing the expertise and know how necessary to come up with a successful love match. Participants these days, are very willing and able to pay whatever it takes to make this happen. Thus, matchmaking businesses are often of an upscale nature, run by savvy entrepreneurs who charge substantial fees for their services, the average fee being about $5000 and running as high as $10,000. In fact, the matchmaking industry is expected to reach earnings of over $700 million in 2020 and is predicted to further grow by 2.9% between now and 2024, resulting in an annual income of close to $800 million.

Matchmakers Do The Legwork

Although online dating services continue to be very popular within our society, not everybody is thrilled at the notion of having to spend many hours of their valuable time searching through hundreds of online profiles in the hopes of coming up with a few possible and often not probable matches. A large part of today’s love seeking population prefers to have the matchmaker do the work involved for them when it comes to finding their prospective soulmate. And that’s exactly what matchmakers do.

How Do Matchmakers Work

Professional matchmakers have the experience, know how and clientele necessary to make successful matches happen. It’s standard procedure for the Matchmaker to meet with their client face to face, in order to get to know them personally and gain a true understanding of who they are and what makes them tick. It’s this personal touch that provides the Matchmaker with a very clear picture of exactly who their client’s perfect match should be. Once that’s determined, the client will be introduced to prospective matches, specifically chosen for them, through the actual dating process. Clients are then able to provide feedback after each date, which further serves to aid the Matchmaker in pinpointing the right person for their client.

Does Matchmaking Work?

The answer is most definitely a strong yes! Matchmakers do indeed succeed in making successful matches. To their advantage, they’re dealing with a clientele that’s more than willing to pay a large fee for services rendered, because in most cases, their clients are very serious about wanting to meet “the one” that’s right for them. Much of the Matchmaker’s success can be attributed to that seriousness on the part of their clients. They’re not in it for the game, but truly want to meet that special someone. That’s half the battle. Add to it the fact that Matchmakers deal in quality versus quantity. They’ve personally met, screened and gotten to know their clients, thus enabling them to connect people who truly are a seeming match. All of these factors combine to bring success to the matchmaking industry.

Help For Matchmakers

If you’re looking to start a Matchmaking business, there’s no denying that you’ve made a wonderful choice. Matchmaking is most definitely a successful, profit-making industry. As a Matchmaker, you’ll be in a position to make an extremely good living while actually helping people. Be aware, however, that the Matchmaking industry is considered to be high risk when it comes to obtaining a merchant account. Many banks and credit card processors will consider your business to be too much of a risk and will not be willing to provide you with the merchant account necessary for you to accept payment by credit and debit cards. You’ll need to seek help from a high risk merchant processor such as us, First Card Payments. We have the experience, know how and connections necessary to make your merchant account problems disappear. With twenty years of major success behind us, we can help you obtain your merchant account quickly and easily at a very fair price. Let’s work together to get your business up and running asap! We’ll get you there and help to keep you there!

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