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Moving Broker Chargebacks

When moving to a new location, it is more beneficial if you acquire the services of a moving brokerage firm. While some like to deal directly with moving companies, there are far many advantages when you choose the help of moving brokers.

If you go directly to moving companies, you will notice that they usually charge higher fees because they use their bigger brand. On the other hand, when you opt for a smaller company, they will be able to provide a more personal service to meet your moving needs, compared to the bigger ones.

What if there are problems or issues with the moving services? Below are some tips to deal with chargeback issues properly and more insight about moving broker chargebacks.

What is a Chargeback?

A moving customer usually has debit or credit cards to pay for the services from the company. If there is something wrong with the goods and services they have purchased, they can always take advantage of the moving broker chargeback process.

A chargeback will enable debit and credit card users to reverse transactions. All they have to do is to go through the card issuer and it will try to recover all or part of the money. But there has to be an evidence of a breach of contract.

In other words, a chargeback can help customers get their money back when other attempts have failed or are not suitable.

How Customers Make a Claim

Exhaust other options – When an account has been debited twice for one purchase due to a clerical or technical error, a chargeback is the next ideal step. If clients have disputes with retailers, it is, however, viewed as the last resort.

That is because banks would consider request for a chargeback based on the reason it is being done. For instance, if the goods are not as described or defective, the cardholder must attempt to return the merchandise to resolve the dispute before going to the bank and make claims.

Check the limit – The chargeback process can be initiated only within a fairly short period of time. Moreover, different situations are covered by different reason codes and have different time limits, ranging from 45 to 120 days.

Make a clear claim – A chargeback applicant must fill out a specific form to make a claim. This will include the details, such as the name of the merchant, date of transaction, and description of the dispute, aside from the amount. This must be sent out in the post to the bank.

Problems Customers Have Making A Chargeback Claim

  1. Lack of training – Card issuing companies tends to be unhelpful or obstructive when a consumer claims a chargeback. This is due to the many call center staff who are not well-trained in this area.
  2. Dealing with rejection – Since chargeback is voluntary in nature, credit card companies are entitled to reject a chargeback claim. However, the client can always take it to the Financial Ombudsman Service for a second opinion.
  3. Interim refund – Banks are not known to refund money to the claimant. In some cases, the card issuer may decide to absorb the loss, but may re-debit to your account. So it is better not to spend the refunds before the decision on a claim has been carried over.

Preventing Moving Broker Chargebacks Is What We Do

There are always a few bad apples that ruin the bunch and moving companies are no exception. In 2018, moving company chargebacks were on the rise [1].

Unfortunately, the reputation of the moving broker is tied to the moving company and a moving broker can mean the difference between a happy customer or a chargeback.

We work with moving brokers to ensure they get as few chargebacks as possible to void bank issues, fund freezing and poor business standing.

First Card Payments has spent the past 10 years working with moving brokers to ensure that their only concern is building their business.


[1]: Sun Sentinel – Moving company ripoffs are on the rise. Here’s how to avoid getting burned

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