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First Card Payments has over 20 years of experience as a merchant processor for the online dating industry.

Online dating is essentially matchmaking, an age-old profession, in a modern world. With over 2500 websites currently in existence in the United States alone, and many more attempting to start up on a daily basis, online dating looks to be a rapidly expanding industry whose revenue for 2019 was no less than $3 billion. An online dating merchant account with a reliable payment processing company is vital in order to successfully process payments and allow your business to thrive.

Profits for the industry are predicted to increase by over 25% during the next couple of years. This financial success can largely be attributed to the Millennial and Generation Z population, who are extremely at home with the internet and live in a high tech world, preferring to participate in all things electronic, specialized, and convenient.


The Online Dating Industry: Successful and High Risk

With the forecast ahead looking good and the audience in place, it stands to reason that starting an online dating service would surely be a highly successful endeavor. However, there are very real obstacles that exist and account for why this industry is classified high risk, which can result in, more often than not, businesses having extreme difficulty in obtaining online dating merchant accounts from banks and credit card processors.


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Benefits of Online Dating Merchant Accounts with FCP

Better Fees

  • Up to 25% off the markup on your current fees
  • No early termination fees or cancellation fees

Better Service

  • Personal FCP consultant

Better Relationships

  • Clients benefit from our relationships across our network

Better Quality

  • Chargeback prevention and mitigation solutions
  • Encrypted payment gateways that are simple to use

Why Is the Online Dating Industry High Risk?

The online dating industry, much like the adult entertainment industry, brings with it a myriad of complications regarding legalities, age restrictions, possible fraud, and customer dissatisfaction. In fact, customer dissatisfaction is a major problem for dating services in particular.

When clients are disappointed and unhappy with the service they’ve received, which is often the case when they fail to meet that special someone, it’s not unusual for them to take matters into their own hands and contact their credit card companies to dispute the charges, claiming they were misled and should not have to pay. Credit card companies are known to generally back up their cardholders, resulting in chargebacks, whereby the bank pulls the money back from the company in question and returns it to their customers.

Heavy amounts of chargebacks raise a huge red flag for banks and credit card processors. They don’t welcome the prospect of getting involved with businesses they’ll constantly have to pull back charges from. They see this as too much of a risk to take, which is why online dating businesses are considered high risk and thus are often turned down for merchant accounts.

What’s The Solution?

matchmaking industryFortunately, there are high-risk merchant processors like First Card Payments who have the expertise, experience, and relationships necessary to overcome these obstacles. For twenty years, we’ve been assisting high-risk businesses, including online dating services, in obtaining and maintaining their much-needed merchant accounts, at extremely fair and reasonable rates. And we don’t stop there.

Once we’ve helped you obtain your online dating merchant account, we’ll continue to provide you with the support and knowledge you need to keep it. We know all about chargebacks and how to avoid them. We’re happy to pass our chargeback prevention tips on to you. As high-risk merchant processors, First Card Payments is committed to providing our clients with the very best possible experience when it comes to obtaining and maintaining their high-risk merchant accounts.

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