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Technology Brings Accessibility To The Adult Toy Industry

If you’re looking to start a business that’s not only guaranteed to bring in considerable profits but whose popularity and success will continue regardless of whatever else is going on in the world, you’ll most definitely want to consider opening an online adult toy operation. This particular niche of the adult entertainment industry, has a most impressive CAGR of 9% and is expected to rake in a whopping $52 billion plus by the year 2026. Much of this success is owed to advances in technology.

The Not So Anonymous Good Old Days

It used to be that if you wanted to purchase any type of sex toy, you had to pull your jacket collar up around your face, look around furtively, making sure you weren’t being watched or even noticed for that matter, followed by you unobtrusively sneaking into an extremely ostentatious looking adult toy store, hastily grabbing what you want, paying with cash and making as quick an exit as possible, hoping for invisibility or at the very least, that nobody you know saw you. And, if you actually managed to get up the nerve to go through all of this, you were more than likely of the male persuasion. This was definitely not an acceptable adventure that most women were willing to embark on in the “good old days.”

Technology Brings Major Change

However, one very welcome day, everything changed. The “network of networks,” as the information superhighway was then referred to, first came along in the 1980s, but transformed into the more relatable “Internet,” we know today, in the 1990s and with that development, the general public was introduced to the online world of availability and anonymity. When that happened, life as we knew it, changed completely and forever. So too, did the adult toy market.

With The Internet Comes Liberation

When it came to the purchasing of adult toys, the development of the Internet  brought with it, a complete freedom that was previously non-existent and unimaginable to consumers as a whole. Suddenly gone was the world of negative judgement and lack of accessibility. Sneaking around to buy adult toys became a thing of the past. What took its place was complete liberation, as consumers of all backgrounds and of both genders now had thousands of adult toy choices available to them that could be acquired with complete anonymity within the privacy of their own homes. And purchase adult toys, they did!

The Gap Was Bridged

With this new technology available to the general public, adult toy manufacturers and business owners were then able to bridge the gap between their huge numbers of “would be” customers and their existing products. When this happened, not only did the floodgates open and sales increase to a stupendous degree, but manufacturers and business owners were now able to receive feedback from their customers, thus enabling them to broaden and expand their product lines in ways that increased their profits beyond all expectations.

The Trend Continues

As the years continue to go by, the positive influence of the Internet on the adult toy industry continues to increase profits tremendously, as it persists in bringing immense power and freedom to its makers, sellers and buyers. What once was an extremely limited and inhibited endeavor, has now become completely liberated by the ability to buy and sell adult toys online. If you are someone considering the possibility of opening an online adult toy business, there never was a better time than now. Know that you can move forward with confidence and the knowledge that the online adult toy business is a most promising and exciting industry that’s growing exponentially in every way and most definitely is here to stay.

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