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The Age of Tokenization: Google and Visa to Introduce Virtual Cards to Autofill on Chrome

As more consumers shop online, there’s also an increasing threat to the security of their information, especially when using credit cards to pay for purchases. To address this problem, Google, in partnership with Visa, is set to introduce a new tokenization feature that allows consumers to pay using their credit cards online without divulging their real credit card numbers. 

In what is considered the age of tokenization, this move will give consumers more peace of mind knowing that their card details are hidden from the merchant, thus also reducing the risks of fraud. 


What We Know About Google Virtual Cards

According to Google, this new feature that will be automatically added to Chrome’s autofill system will allow consumers to hide their credit or debit card numbers when making online purchases. Since a lot of consumers don’t use Google or Apple Pay yet, this new feature will help make them feel more secure with the new Google virtual cards.

So, how exactly does this new system work? It’s actually simple because consumers don’t have to do anything new. Customers can still key in their credit card details when making online purchases; with this new feature, there’s now that added layer of security, which prevents merchants—and potential fraudsters—from seeing your details.

In a press release, Visa explained this system: “Tokenization is the magic behind it. To put simply, Visa is adding a kind of ‘personal security guard’ to safeguard the consumer’s card number.” 

This new feature will be added automatically into Chrome’s system so that consumers can shop safely using virtual credit cards instead of putting their details at risk of payment fraud every time they buy something online. 

These virtual cards are only available for a specific transaction, however, although they can be used repeatedly for subscriptions.


Why This Tokenization Feature Matters for Consumers

Visa explained in the same press release that it was inspired to take on this new step with Google to protect a growing number of consumers who now shop online. “E-commerce volume has grown by more than 50% since the emergence of the pandemic. While shopping online is convenient, consumers also expect their online transactions to be ironclad for fraudsters,” the statement explained.

Tokenization has changed online transactions for the better, especially since it aims to protect consumer data regardless of the type of transaction done online. 

With the Google virtual credit cards, it’s now easier for consumers to shop safely in the comfort of their homes without worrying that after a few weeks, they’ll get a call for unauthorized transactions on their credit or debit card.

The inconvenience of having a credit card abused and contacting the bank to reverse the charges has put a lot of consumers under undue stress. But with these virtual cards and the power of tokenization, these incidents can hopefully be reduced or avoided altogether. 

This added layer of security will play a significant role in the online shopping landscape in the next few years and businesses should also make the effort to find the right high-risk merchant account providers to protect them and their consumers.

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