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Top Chargeback Companies for Online Businesses

Companies to Help You Manage Chargebacks

Chargeback LogoChargebacks are inevitable and will always be a part of your business venture. As a merchant or retailer, chargebacks can greatly affect your revenue as well as your high-risk merchant account. Although some chargebacks seem to be valid, having a high chargeback percentage due to customer disputes or fraudulent activity is still lost revenue, not to mention that too many chargebacks could get you blacklisted.

Knowing how to deal with chargebacks and identifying the root cause will help you find effective solutions. A reputable chargeback company, for one, can provide you end-to-end impactful solutions and important chargeback strategies for success to protect your business from risks and challenges involving e-commerce.Below are the top chargeback companies equipped with the experience and tools in dealing with chargebacks:

[1] Chargebacks 911

Chargebacks 911 is an American company that provides chargeback services and solutions to help businesses retain their customers, increase sales, and grow their business. This chargeback management company uses proprietary technologies and tactical data analysis as well as a cost-effective chargeback management platform for mid-large size businesses. From dispute prevention, dispute response, to dispute intelligence, Chargebacks911 will have you save a lot of time, energy, and money.

[2] Chargeback Gurus

With over 16 years of experience and expertise, Chargeback Gurus is known for their chargeback prevention and mitigation strategies. Their wide range of tools and services make them the ideal choice for high-risk merchant accounts. Getting the services of Chargeback Gurus means having to experience their root cause analyzer tool, Guru Prevention Alerts, to prevent up to 54% of chargebacks proactively as well as so much more. Their services are tailored to each customer and pricing is dependent on your business needs.

[3] offers small business solutions, mid-market solutions, and enterprise solutions that will lower dispute rates while increasing win rates. Take advantage of their full-service SaaS for internal dispute management, letting you manage disputes from start to finish while saving time and effort. The fee for small merchants is around $8,000 annually while mid-size merchants can take advantage of their tools and solutions for about $30,000 annually.

[4] ClearSale

ClearSale offers chargeback protection and insurance to their clients. Their main protection tool provides e-commerce fraud prevention services to ensure that fraudulent orders are barred and blocking possible chargebacks that will be generated for your merchant account. ClearSale also has a specific KPI threshold and a data-driven perspective to help you improve your chargeback metrics. A discount policy is also available if you do not meet the KPI threshold. Although the discount may not be enough to fully cover the chargeback cost, at least you get something in return. ClearSale works with businesses of any size and personalized solutions are designed based on your profile and business needs.

[5] ChargebackHelp

ChargebackHelp is here to protect merchants from chargebacks and fraudulent transactions. Their dispute notices, chargeback alerts, and fraud notices are some of the features small businesses and enterprises can enjoy together with recovering revenue solutions to protect your revenue and your business.

Regardless of your business size and whether you are a start-up or an established merchant or seller, getting professional help – through a reputable credit card processor or a chargeback company, for instance – is a whole new level of assurance that your business is protected. Contact us today if you have questions or concerns about your high-risk merchant account and let our experts help your business thrive.

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