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Top 3 Invoicing Software to Switch to in 2021

Top 3 Invoicing Software Solutions

There are hundreds, if not thousands of choices for invoicing software available in the market today, choosing the best invoice software is no easy task. Sometimes it can feel like walking down the cereal aisle at the grocery store; there are so many choices, so many flashy f advertisements and it can be a little overwhelming. No wonder so many people just stick with the name brands. 


And that’s the same with invoicing software. Although we do mention a top name brand invoicing software to switch to, there are 2 other smaller ones you may not recognize. 

Looking for the best invoicing solution is crucial for record-keeping, tax processing, accurate invoicing, analyzing the financial status of your business, and examining other aspects of your business for a more efficient strategy.

Whether you are managing a small or large business, switching to reliable invoicing software will help your organization generate more revenue and improve cash flow.

To help with your invoicing software decision making, here are the top 3 invoicing software to switch to in 2021.

[1] XERO

Xero offers 30 days free trial which is good if you are looking to try impressive invoicing software before making a purchase. Xero comes with the following features:

  • Has two-factor authentication to prevent or at least lessen fraud possibilities
  • Keeps detailed records of tax status, purchase costs, committed quotes, and others
  • Offers reliable integration with 3rd party solutions
  • User-friendly dashboard for easy navigation to easily monitor invoicing and billing status
  • The interactive charts allow easy comparison of finances
  • Online invoices come with embedded “Pay Now” to let customers make payments instantly
  • You can easily send invoices from your smartphone or tablet
  • Efficiently categorizes invoice as drafted, awaiting payment, or delayed

Why is Xero one of our top invoicing software solutions for 2021? Because so many of our very own high risk merchant account holders use it every day!


FreshBooks allows you to keep track of your finances through reports. This invoicing software is also capable of sending auto invoice reminders and payment collection, among others. The following key features and benefits make it one of the most reliable invoicing software:

  • Easily tracks expenses as per client’s requirements; add expense component to any invoice for reimbursement
  • Comes with a mobile application so you can still send invoices and stay connected with clients even while on the go
  • The interface is easy to use with customization capabilities
  • Allows you to create invoices in different languages
  • It also features an automated late payment tracker and automated customized reminder

Frechbooks is not a little-known company but compared to our next selection, it may as well be. The fact is, this little company has done a fantastic job of creating a solid invoicing software that is cost-effective and efficient. 


Quickbooks online is suitable for small to mid-size businesses. This popular invoicing software consolidates accounting data for easy and efficient monitoring of all transactions. With these key benefits and features, you are assured your business and accounting needs are met:

  • Quickbooks comes with automated and customized reports that you can send to all stakeholders
  • It also offers business-specific templates for easy customization
  • The file manager is capable of organizing all clients files, upgrades clients’ files in batches, and secures clients’ passwords
  • Efficiently sends invoice in one email so customers can easily make payments 
  • Rectifies incorrect sales tax payments
  • Instantly sends journal entries to the client when necessary changes are made

Regardless of the size of your organization, having reliable invoicing software eliminates the task of doing paper works and the risk of losing track of these records. Getting invoicing software for your business streamlines the process of billing, collection of payments, and increasing your cash on hand. Not only that, efficient invoicing software saves you money from hiring a dedicated finance team.


Those are our top picks for invoicing software to switch to in 2021. If you are examining your operating costs with a fine-tooth comb, be sure to look at your credit card processor as well. You will likely save quite a bit on simple fees there too! Learn about credit repair software, and a few smart ways to save money on merchant account fees.

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Mitchell Fardell is a highly experienced payment processor who has worked for First Card Payments since 2019. In that time, he has worked on large accounts, small accounts, and everything in between.

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