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Why Car Moving Companies Need a High-Risk Merchant Account

As people move across the country–whether it’s for a lifestyle change, for work, or other reasons–auto transport has become a lucrative business, though it can be a tricky field to navigate. This is why car moving companies need a high-risk merchant account provider in order to set up a payment processing system.

Auto transport companies are responsible for high-value items, especially if there are any damages during the transportation of the vehicles. They also likely handle thousands of dollars worth of transactions, so you can expect a higher chargeback rate than the usual business.

The combination of these factors means that most traditional financial institutions would tag car moving companies as high risk, which will make it harder than usual to get an auto transport merchant account


Advantages of a High-Risk Merchant Account for Car Moving Companies

Car moving companies need a high-risk merchant account for smoother business transactions, among its numerous benefits.


Offer different payment options.

Once you get your business up and running, you’d want to offer as many payment options to clients as possible. With a high-risk merchant account for car companies, you are able to process both credit and debit card payments, which are two of the most preferred payment methods by customers these days. In fact, more consumers are using credit cards instead of cash so it’s vital to adapt to current trends in order to thrive. 

A reliable payment processing company will also make it easier for you to track your sales and avoid cases of fraud.


Cater to different currencies.

As your business grows, your payment processing system should grow with it. Not only will you be handling local clients, but there’s a chance you can cater to international clients as well, so a secure payment gateway and processing system that accepts different currencies can be an enormous step towards the growth of your auto transport company.


Ensure security.

One of the biggest reasons car moving companies need a high-risk merchant account is the level of security you benefit from by protecting your business as well as your customers’ data.

You don’t need to worry about securing your payment transactions with the right payment processing partner, which should have the appropriate security measures and protocols in place to prevent friendly or more serious payment fraud as well as other issues.


Put Your Car Moving Company Into Overdrive with a High-Risk Merchant Account

So, if you haven’t applied for a high-risk merchant account for car moving companies, this is the best time to start looking for a payment processing partner that can offer you the variety of options, flexibility, and security you need in order to successfully run your business.

Since you’re in a business that handles a lot of clients, a high-risk merchant account is an advantage to ensure you remain competitive. Contact our team today to learn more about the services we offer and save 25% when you sign up for a new merchant account.

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