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4 Must-Know Tips to Fight Chargebacks for Adult Businesses

Don’t take it sitting down, fight chargebacks.

A chargeback is the cause of nightmares for a lot of businesses these days. While the digital age has benefited commerce immensely, the rate of chargebacks resulting from fraudulent activities are also increasing rapidly that some businesses break down before they even get a chance to cope up.

If you’re running an adult entertainment business, chargebacks could become a daily issue because you’re attracting more suspicious clients than the typical business. But you can actually fight those chargebacks and protect your business by following these four simple tips:

  • Be Proactive

A lot of adult businesses get so consumed about earning profits that they forget to monitor transactions only to realize that they’re already a victim of fraud.

But if you’re going to succeed at fighting a chargeback, you need to start by taking proactive measures like monitoring customer activities. This will give you some insight into areas of your business that have higher risks and flag suspicious transactions before they result to a chargeback.

  • Be Quick to Respond

Once a client files a chargeback, you will only be given a limited time by the bank to submit the documents proving that the claim is false and the transaction is legitimate. This is why it pays to keep a record of all transactions that you can easily access whenever a chargeback happens.

Some businesses even have a response template ready to be able to answer chargebacks faster. Your prompt response to the matter is a huge factor in convincing the bank that you didn’t make the wrong charges.

  • Be Knowledgeable

Each bank or merchant processor designates a reason code for chargebacks filed to their office. This code will tell you everything you need to know about that chargeback including the reason for the chargeback, the timeline for you to prepare a rebuttal and the evidence required to answer the chargeback.

By being knowledgeable about these reason codes, you’ll be able to act quickly to every chargeback and gain a better chance at winning your dispute.

  • Be a Good Communicator

A lot of chargebacks don’t actually happen because of an unsatisfied service but due to a lack of proper communication between the client and the merchant. If you want to prevent a chargeback from hurting your business, you need to communicate with the client about the issue at hand.

Answer his questions about the charge and try to offer a refund if you think his point is legitimate. This is a better and more cost efficient alternative to a chargeback where you lose potential profits and even incur extra chargeback fees.

It’s possible to fight chargebacks and win as an adult business. All it takes is the right preparation, access to sufficient information and the right amount of knowledge about chargebacks to ensure that you give your business a good chance at winning a dispute.

After all, you’re talking about the future of your business and you can’t let a chargeback take away everything that you worked so hard on.

Maintaining your high risk merchant account should be your number one priority.

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