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Rounding Up the Three Best Credit Repair Companies in the U.S.

It’s no secret that most American households are struggling with debt. Although incomes have increased more than the cost of living, a lot of Americans are still carrying consumer debt from credit cards, auto loans and student loans.

With such a huge need for credit repair, a lot of these consumers turn to these three credit repair companies that promise to help them get back on track with their finances.

Lexington Law

Lexington Lawlexington-law-logo has its decades of credit repair experience to back up its credibility, which is why a lot of clients trust this company. But more than experience, Lexington Law has the best range of features and services that no other credit repair company could match. Its three tiers of service include:

  • Concord Standard ($89.95/month): This package offers all the basic credit repair services like correcting errors on credit reports, sending letters to lenders and looking for loopholes that could help you get your good credit score back.
  • Concord Premier ($109.95/month): Aside from the repair fundamentals, this package offers monthly credit monitoring, credit score improvement analysis and a second level of assistance.
  • PremierPlus ($129.95/month): This package includes all the services from the first two tiers plus personal financial tools and identity fraud alerts.

Sky Blue Credit Repair

skye-blue-credit-repair-logoKnown for its five-star customer service, Sky Blue Credit Repair also offers one of the lowest plans in the industry at just $79 for its initial fee and another $79 per month after. The Better Business Bureau rated this company A+ and although it doesn’t have those fancy extras that other more expensive companies have, it does offer solid credit repair services that include correcting errors on credit reports, sending good faith letters to lenders and finding legal loopholes for disputes.

But the coolest thing about Sky Blue Credit Repair is its option to pause your service where you are allowed to stop their service for a month or two if you need to take a break or just can’t afford the payment for that period. You can then restart whenever you’re ready again.

The Credit People

The Credit Repair PeopleIf it’s your first time to work with a credit repair company and you’re not yet sure if you’re ready to jump into the bandwagon, The Credit People is one of only a few companies that offer a trial run of their service. For $19 over a 7-day period, you get to try out their service to see if it’s a good fit for you or not.

The Credit People offers straightforward credit repair services like Sky Blue and you have the option to do a lump-sum where the company takes care of the entirety of your credit repair or go with the monthly option. Both packages allow you to cancel any time if you are not satisfied with the service.

Monthly rates for The Credit People are $79 after you commit to their service.

Do you want to repair your credit quickly, are you searching for any credit repairing firm to do the job for you? If that is the case, don’t settle down with “any company”. Instead, get the best credit repair companies in the US. Why?

Because if you have a weak or poor credit score, it can cause much higher interest rates, rejection of your business loans and credit card request and who knows you might face the rejection in getting a loan for your new house or car.

In that situation one the best credit repair company in the US can handle your case.

Signs Of Best Credit Repair Company In The Us

You cannot trust any credit repairing company because it follows CROA. It does not mean that it can handle your case efficiently. The best credit repair company must:

Offer a free consultation

Upon reviewing your report, the best credit repair company in the US will tell you how it can help or not. For example, it will say that we can remove the duplications, but it can’t do anything with bankruptcy.

Have a track record

Firms that are in this business for years and haven’t been affected by the FTC are authentic. Similarly, when finding the best credit repair companies, you should ask them that if they have resolved any such case previously. They should provide a straightforward answer.

Are they offering any performance warranty?

The best credit repair companies always offer a warranty on their results that lists the terms such as you will not pay if certain disputes are resolved from your credit report.

Adhere to local laws

All legitimate credit repair companies are bonded, licensed, and insured.

Reasons Why You Hire The Best Credit Repair Companies In The Us

Credit repair services know what they’re doing

For credit repair companies, resolving disputes from the credit reports is totally business.

The best credit repair companies know what causes will affect your report and how. They have got all the experience and resources.

Credit repairing company can save you time

A DIY credit repair is always an option, and if you go for it if you don’t have anything else to do. I mean how can a business owner left his business place for hours, keep in mind the process takes time.

You have to dispute the errors, call the debtors, and send letters to bureaus with a rigorous follow-up, again and again till it’s answered.

Best credit repair companies have a lot of clout

Most creditors don’t want you to know all your rights. Rights that as a citizen, you have got.

If you don’t know you had all legitimate right to have items removed (such as repossession) you will never ask about it from a bureau. (And the creditor will never give that information).

On the other hand, credit repair companies know all those rights and laws.

Because the best credit repairing companies have all knowledge so they can send letters that have more clout.

Which one is the best?

Choosing the best credit repair company really depends on your needs. So make sure to evaluate your current situation first and determine the areas where you need the most help. This will make choosing a credit repair company a lot easier.

Find the best high risk merchant account for your credit repair business before you get started!

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