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How to Accept Credit Card Payments Over the Phone

Start Taking Credit Card Payments Over The Phone Today


In a time when more consumers are using credit cards instead of cash, your business can benefit from accepting credit card payments over the phone, online, and, of course, in person.

Methods to Process Credit Card Payments Over the Phone

Since processing card payments over the phone can help boost your sales and ensure customer satisfaction, the experts at our payment processing company advise you to learn these methods.


document-preparation-consult[1] Key In Credit Card Numbers On POS Terminal

This is the most common method among many businesses. It’s as simple as letting your customer dictate their credit card number, expiration date, and CSV code over the phone while you key in the information on your credit card terminal.


[2] Key In Information On Virtual Terminal

If you’re purely doing business online, you will need a web-based credit card processing terminal where you can key in the customer’s credit card information in a procedure known as Level 2 or Level 3 processing.


This extended level of authentication reduces the fees that a processor charges you for phone transactions, but it also comes with an extra monthly charge. Therefore, this option is only ideal if you have a high volume of orders over the phone or if you accept high-value transactions.



[3] Key In Information On Mobile Credit Card Processing App


You also have the option to accept credit card payments using a mobile credit card processing app on your phone instead of a terminal. You simply need to key in the customer’s credit card information on the application that’s provided by your payment processor. Is your payment gateway efficient and easy for customers to use and for your employees to use?


And how much is your high-risk merchant processor charging you to collect payments? The truth is that most merchant accounts for credit repair companies have overinflated service charges, one of the many challenges high-risk businesses face.

These fees are like a tiny drop in a large ocean, but sooner or later they will fill up. And if you haven’t evaluated your fees this year, now would be a good time to start. This could be the simplest, and fastest way to save money on operating costs in 2021.


Ensure Safety When Accepting Credit Card Payments Over the Phone

Without a physical credit card, there is always a higher risk of payment fraud with this type of payment option. But you can still ensure that all transactions are safe by following these tips:


  • Always ask for the customer’s complete information. This should include the card number, CSV code, expiration date, and the customer’s full name as it appears on the card. You should also ask for the customer’s phone number and complete billing and shipping address.
  • Use only a secure POS system. This will help you avoid cases of fraud and unwanted chargebacks from customers.
  • Keep a record of all deliveries. You need to make sure that all products paid for over the phone are shipped and delivered to your customer.


This will help you verify that the transaction is legitimate in case a chargeback is filed.

The Cost of Accepting Credit Card Payments Over the Phone

Finally, the cost that you need to pay for accepting credit card payments over the phone will depend on the pricing model that you chose. Generally, this form of payment costs more than accepting payments on a credit card reader where your processor can charge you between 2% and 4% of the total transaction. This is due to the higher risk of accepting payments without a physical credit card.


Contact our team of experts at First Card Payments to learn more about the secure payment gateways we offer our clients with high-risk merchant accounts and start accepting credit card payments over the phone today!

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