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The Most Common Reasons to Change Payment Gateways

Do you want to know why users change payment gateways? More often than not, it is due to the numerous payment solutions on the market offering better deals or updated features and technology. Note that not all digital payments are the same, however, which means that you have to consider the impact on your customers as well as the bottom line.

Before you switch credit card processors or payment gateways, think about whether your current provider is able to fulfill your business needs before making the decision to leap to a new payment solution. Here are the most common reasons why people switch payment gateways.

Why Businesses Switch Payment Gateways


Payment Processing Technology

Payment processing has to be up and running in real-time. Your business will suffer if your payment provider reports frequent downtime. These types of payment processing issues can cost you in terms of money and customers.

Consider reliability and scalability as well as a solution with integration and the latest technology to give you more control over your payments.

Poorly-Designed User Experience

It is critical to make the payment process efficient and simple because the most important part of the selling process is checkout. As merchants in the digital age, businesses must start accepting credit cards online if they haven’t already. The user should be able to pay directly on the website or via in-app payment features without being redirected to an external service. There are multiple ways to accept payment on a WordPress website as well as other platforms that are easy to set up.

So, when a payment provider only offers an outdated system, it is time to opt for another payment gateway.

Low Conversion Rate

Low conversion rates can be the result of a variety of factors including ineffective lead generation or an overly long and poorly-designed checkout process. It could also have redirections and distractions for users. Therefore, there is a very high possibility that users end up changing a payment gateway.

Fraud Prevention Tools


As more consumers shop online, the prevalence of fraud has also increased. Whether it’s simply friendly fraud or a more serious cause of malicious payment fraud, businesses need to be prepared with the latest in fraud prevention.

As such, you need to consider a secure payment gateway with tokenization and encryption services. Not only will an effective fraud prevention solution be able to save you money but it can also minimize stress.

Payment Processing Needs Are Not Met

When the business grows, the needs will also change. Therefore, you have to search for a payment solution that can support your business as it grows. Considering custom features can boost your business processes.

Questionable Fee Transparency

Look closely at the real costs of different payment gateway options. While one option may seem cheaper on the surface, there may be hidden fees that quickly add up. On the other hand, another payment gateway option can have a more expensive fee but without additional fees for other features necessary for your business.

Always look out for what is important to you as a business entity, be it the price or the added value. Sometimes the savings you can achieve by changing payment gateways can justify the transition.

Poor Customer Support

In any enterprise, a reliable support team is vital for success. A provider with poor support can cause merchants to change payment gateways. When customers have payment issues, you want to be able to solve them as quickly as possible before the customer decides to file a chargeback instead. High chargeback rates are one of the biggest challenges that high-risk businesses face and can have long-lasting consequences. 

Switching to Another Payment Gateway

When merchants decide to change payment gateways, the reason can range from expensive fees to improved reporting tools, fast set-up, and superior customer service. Merchants may also switch payment gateways due to advanced features, better customer experience, and a more professional interface. Others still are driven by the need to support additional payment options to accommodate growth.

As a reliable payment processing company, our experts offer guidance to businesses that want to switch payment gateways to best serve their customers. Contact us to learn more about the services we offer high-risk merchant accounts at First Card Payments.


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