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Moving Brokers Guide: Methods Of Accepting Payment

dollar signConvenience is among the main advantages provided by moving brokers. Bu providing multiple methods of accepting payment you position yourself, the moving broker, to offer even more customer satisfaction and convenience.

Technology has given us the options of further changing the customer experience and every evolution, every digital shift, comes with it a means for your business to excel.

And don’t let your thoughts wonder automatically to the methods of accepting payment controlled by the giants: PayPal, BoA and Zelle. Use your imagination. You could even setup your own payment gateway through a business moving broker merchant account.

But we’ll get to that here.

Giving Estimates and Collecting Fees

But how do you suppose a moving broker generate income? Of course, a moving broker can earn by giving estimates and collecting fees from the person who is moving. The job will then be bid out to the moving companies on the basis of estimation.

Therefore, with the help of a moving broker, the move could be accomplished in lower cost compared to directly contacting a moving company. A brokerage fee will be collected via different merchant accounts.

Retail Account

Brokers, movers, and transporters enable clients to use credit card payments through a point-of-sale system or a traditional credit card machine. This type of transaction has lower rates of chargebacks and fraud. As a broker, you can accept payments mainly in-person in your storefront location. Most of all, this can benefit the customers as it provides the lowest pricing possible.

Mobile Account

In the moving industry, mobile merchant accounts are common. This allows clients to do in-person payments through a swiper that plugs into a mobile phone. It is also ideal for customers because moving brokers can accept credit card payments without the risk of fraud. Similarly, these are priced as retail accounts.

Virtual Terminal

Business like the moving industry can use a payment gateway merchant account or otherwise known as virtual terminal account. It enables payments over the phone, email, or a regular computer without outside equipment. Moreover, it is ideal for transporters or movers who prefer accepting credit card payments over the phone.

Those who prefer payments to integrate automatically via a CRM system can benefit from this type of account. However, the movers need to be aware that it can increase the chance of chargebacks and fraud. So a pre-integrated chargeback prevention tech is needed to avoid this from happening.


An online merchant account for the moving industry will allow the transaction of payments via credit card on a website checkout page. Basically, most ecommerce accounts are pre-integrated with most major website shopping carts and gateways. This makes the setup a lot easier.

Resolving Issues Quicker

The moving brokers’ ability to provide logistical benefits should not be underestimated. At some point, due to issues arising from the high volume of movers out there to access, things could get complicated, particularly with any last minute changes or unexpected issues. Good thing though, moving brokers will help in resolving issues quickly and efficiently because they know their reputation is on the line.

Here’s The Kicker

First Card Payments can help you decide on a method of accepting payment that works for you moving brokerage. Whether you’re a large organization or a single contractor, we can help you get started. Simply give us a call when you’re ready! (877) 441-6801

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Mitchell Fardell is a highly experienced payment processor who has worked for First Card Payments since 2019. In that time, he has worked on large accounts, small accounts, and everything in between.

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