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Credit Repair Company Guide– What is NFCC Certification?

NFCC membershipIf you want to establish yourself as one of the best credit repair companies at par with some of the big names in the industry, such as Sky Blue Credit Repair and Lexington Law Credit Repair, you should get an NFCC certified.

It’s what you need to establish credibility. The organization is considered as the financial counseling sector’s gold standard, after all. The National Foundation for Credit Counseling is also what consumers trust when it comes to finance-related assistance and counseling.

The organization was founded in 1951 and is the United States’ largest and longest-serving nonprofit. It offers many services provided by its member agencies. These include credit/debt counseling, housing counseling, debt management plans, credit report reviews, and bankruptcy counseling.

If you plan to offer the same services and attract as many clients as possible, you should become an NFCC member. Doing so makes it easy to certify counselors through the organization’s certification program.

Overview of the NFCC Certification

The certification program that NFCC offers counselors of its member agencies is designed to empower service providers to counsel and educate clients in an exceptional way.

Before any councilor is certified, they must first go through comprehensive instruction on how to educate and guide people through their financial decisions. They also need to acquire initial certification afterward. Only then can councilors get NFCC certified.

This means anyone who’s certified by the NFCC is fully equipped to provide the assistance a client need. This covers a wide range of activities, including:

  • Establish goals and the actionable steps needed to achieve them.
  • Work with creditors to help customers manage unsecured debts and find effective alternatives.
  • Help homeowners maintain ownership by examining the proper steps to take.
  • Determine which of the potential housing options are most affordable for a customer.
  • Help students navigate through the process of repaying loans.
  • Educate clients about budget, how to develop it and revise in times of crisis.
  • Establish strategies to help a client deal and overcome the financial hardships they’re experiencing.

How can a counselor become NFCC certified?

They must work with a company that is a member of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. If your credit repair company has yet to sign up for a membership, there are eligibility criteria that you must meet.

Your company:

  • Is exempt from paying taxes under the Internal Revenue Code’s section 501(c)(3).
  • Exists and is duty qualified under the laws of any US states or territory or the District of Columbia.
  • Is compliant with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations when providing services for financial counseling
  • Must submit an application and make the initial payment. Or, get an accreditation from the Council on Accreditation.

Most importantly, you must comply with the member quality standards set by the NFCC.

Becoming an NFCC member offers more than just counselor certification. It will also help your agency establish credibility and brand recognition and provide you access to a network of tools and aids.

  • Grants for services
  • National Locator Lines
  • Media Relations
  • Member Communications
  • Legislation Affairs and Regulation
  • Networking
  • Strategic Supporters
  • Creditor Relations

On that note, be an NFCC member and get your counselors NFCC certified.

More about NFCC History

NFCC – The National Foundation for Credit Counseling came into existence in 1951. It is one of the longest-serving nonprofit counseling bodies in the USA. The primary objective of NFCC is to raise and enhance the financial health of users in the USA and allow them to make the right commercial decisions. Payment processing companies know this fact all too well.

NFCC Certification

A “certified” debt counselor needs recognition by an authorized agency. There are only two bodies that offer this certification; the first is NFCC – National Foundation for Credit Counseling, and the second is NACCC – National Association of Certified Credit Counselors.

You will definitely want someone trained and qualified to help in making your financial decisions. The NFCC certification means that your hired counselor has passed various demanding skills and tests to acquire their business knowledge.

An NFCC member employs an NFCC certified counselor. The NFCC provides certificates for various services such as housing loans, student counseling, credit, as well as for education. You have to renew your NFCC certificate after two years in order to maintain it.

Similarly, the Council on Accreditation – COA should also certify the NFCC member agencies.

The COA gives accreditation to counselors that follow a set of standards regarding debt counseling.

NFCC Services

NFCC affiliate agencies offer financial assistance to millions of consumers every year in meetings, over the calls, or online. Every NFCC affiliate agency receives money management services according to their needs. NFCC fellow agencies offer many affordable and free financial services such as:

  • Credit Counseling
  • Counseling for Bankruptcy
  • Housing Counseling- including reverse mortgage counseling, foreclosure
  • Plans for Debt Management
  • Credit Report Reviews
  • Financial Education

Moreover, one-third of NFCC associates are multi-service organizations specializing in social services such as foster care, substance abuse programs, and youth mentoring.

People who need assistance to figure out how they will repay their debts or want to meet their financial objectives contact the NFCC to seek advice for their business and financial needs. This includes assistance in bankruptcy, credit counseling, housing counseling, etc.

According to state rules and regulations, the NFCC affiliate agencies have their charges. These charges or fees is different for every state. The NFCC also provides funds for scholarship programs based on the need of the consumers.

The NFCC and its agencies help millions of people each year, and it has offices in every state, including Puerto Rico and District of Columbia.

NFCC certification is vital and should be considered before you decide to apply for a high risk merchant account for a credit repair company.

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