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WooCommerce or NopCommerce: Which Is Better?

Choosing the right shopping cart solution for your business can be complicated knowing that there are numerous options available in the market. It is also time-consuming considering that the e-commerce platform you choose plays a critical role in your business success.

While there are numerous ways to accept payment on a WordPress website, WooCommerce and NopCommerce are two popular e-commerce shopping builders that are widely supported by users worldwide.

Even with a high-risk merchant account, it’s important to know what platform to choose. As reputable merchant service providers, our experts weigh in on the debate regarding these two top-notch e-commerce platforms.

Between the two, which is better? Is it WooCommerce or NopCommerce?

WooCommerce vs NopCommerce

With over 30 features, WooCommerce offers more compared to NopCommerce, which only offers 11. WooCommerce is SEO-friendly and includes pre-installed secure payment gateways, multiple shipping methods, flexible shipping destinations, and hosting, all of which are crucial for a successful e-commerce platform. However, WooCommerce requires an extension for multi-store and multi-vendor support. 


Both WooCommerce and NopCommerce are open source and available for free; however, payment is required for extensions, updates, and third-party applications.


WooCommerce and NopCommerce support integration with various business systems and applications.

WooCommerce can integrate with numerous service providers like PayPal, FedEx, USPS, UPS, Veeco, Stripe, Amazon Payments, Zapier, Xero, FreshBooks, and more.

NopCommerce supports Quickbooks, Sage Pay, eBay, Everest ERP, and Kensium Solutions.

The needs of different businesses vary, so while WooCommerce offers a greater number of integrations, NopCommerce may offer a specific type of integration a business needs.


While WooCommerce is only compatible with web-based Apple devices, NopCommerce is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac as well as other web-based devices.

Programming Language

The programming language may also affect your decision if you’re choosing between these two e-commerce platforms. WooCommerce is PHP based while NopCommerce is .NET based.


Ideally, a company or service should have as many avenues of communication as possible as well as a streamlined system to address issues and concerns so they can be resolved quickly. After all, exceptional customer feedback is vital to business success.

Support for WooCommerce clients is available via phone and online tickets. On the other hand, NopCommerce users have access to 3 communication channels including email, phone, and online tickets.

Both services have a strong online community where customers can discuss issues and other urgent matters while official correspondence from customer service is pending.


WooCommerce offers over 500 theme options. NopCommerce has over 170 themes available.


WooCommerce only has about 400 plugins available while NopCommerce offers over 1,500.


WooCommerce gives users the capability to add an almost unlimited number of products but performs poorly if the catalogs include over 500 products. Users are also expected to invest more financial resources for plugins to maintain and optimize an e-commerce website. WooCommerce may be an ideal solution for small- to medium-sized online businesses with fewer products in the catalog.

On the other hand, NopCommerce works fast and performs much better than WooCommerce and other competitors. Even as a startup, it would be wise to invest in NopCommerce if you plan to grow the business and eventually expand the products and services you offer. By doing so, you won’t experience any performance issues as the number of products increases while traffic to the site also rises.

E-Commerce Platform Preferences Depends on Business Needs

WooCommerce and NopCommerce are both open-source and are strongly supported by their thousands of users. With the wide array of themes and plugins available, WooCommerce and NopCommerce let you extend your e-commerce capabilities.

Ultimately, the choice between WooCommerce and NopCommerce depends on your preferences as well as the needs of your business specifically. While one may offer a greater quantity of options, the other may provide the specific details most compatible with your existing business. 


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