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Laws for Credit Repair Companies in Florida

This article was published on February 19, 2021 and last updated on May 30, 2023.

Florida Regulations for the Credit Repair Industry

The law requires credit repair companies to comply with the rules and regulations of the industry. If you want to achieve the same level of success as the best credit repair companies in the U.S., you might want to pay attention to the following credit repair laws in Florida.State and federal laws might not be the same. Therefore, those starting a credit repair business in Florida must comply with specific requirements such as those for bonds, licenses, and registration.


warningOperating a credit repair company in Florida requires adherence to the Florida Credit Service Organizations Act and the federal Credit Repair Organizations Act. These laws mandate obtaining specific licenses, securing a surety bond, and registering with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Compliance with these laws ensures ethical practices, consumer protection, and business integrity. Understanding these requirements, as well as related regulations such as Florida’s chargeback laws, is crucial for successful and legal operation.

Comprehending: What Are the Laws for Credit Repair in Florida?

Florida’s legal landscape for credit repair companies is framed primarily by two major laws: the Florida Credit Service Organizations Act (FCSOA) and the federal Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA).

  1. Florida Credit Service Organizations Act (FCSOA): The FCSOA is a statewide legislation designed specifically to regulate credit repair services. It outlines specific guidelines that credit repair companies must adhere to, which includes acquiring a surety bond and registering with the state before providing services.
  2. Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA): The CROA, a federal law, adds another layer of regulation for credit repair businesses operating in any state, including Florida. It forbids deceptive practices, mandates complete disclosure of legal rights to consumers, and prohibits charging fees before services get rendered.

These laws serve as the guiding light for credit repair companies, ensuring they operate within the boundaries of legal compliance.

Federal Laws for Credit Repair Companies in Florida

bookThe Credit Repair Organization Act regulates the credit repair industry to protect consumers from dishonest credit repair companies. This will prevent credit repair companies from taking advantage of their consumers. Additionally, credit repair business laws and practices aid consumers to make informed decisions when planning to hire a credit repair company.

Credit Repair State Laws in Florida

business relationshipsThere are various rules, regulations, and requirements for each state in the U.S. If you decide to get into the credit repair industry in 2021 and you are doing business in Florida, you must abide by the laws in your state as well as the laws in the state in which your clients live.

The authority for credit repair in the state is the Florida Department of State. You may also inquire about addenda or revisions in the state laws of Florida governing credit repair companies to ensure you’re appropriately abiding by them.

Surety Bond Requirements in Florida

The state of Florida requires credit organizations to comply with the legislation, including the need for surety bonds. A surety bond ensures that the state, the surety bond company, and the credit repair company are bound.Credit repair companies can buy the bond from a surety company as it is required by the state of Florida.

Any loss due to the harm caused by the credit repair company or due to a failure to perform will be covered by the bond.The payment for the bond is $10,000 as stipulated in the credit repair laws of Florida. Between 1% and 10% of the face value will be the cost for surety bonds based on the personal credit of the owner.

Credit Repair Licensing

certificationNo specific requirements for credit repair licensing are needed in Florida, but you can check cities or counties that may require you to submit a local professional license, permit, or local tax receipt.Business licenses are needed for all business operations whether it’s a one-person or home-based venture.

Some counties will also need you to apply for a license if in an unincorporated area. Therefore, you need to acquire a license for each credit repair office you might have in certain cities or counties.In order to establish credibility, a credit repair company may become a member of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) and hire counselors with an NFCC certification in any number of specialties such as housing loans and student credit.

Credit Repair Registration

Credit repair companies are also called credit service organizations (CSO) by state and federal governments. While some states need CSOs to register with one or more specific state agencies, the state of Florida doesn’t require credit repair companies to have a CSO registration.

Credit Repair Contracts

business planThe state of Florida has specific contract requirements. These include allowing consumers to cancel the contract any time within five business days after signing the contract. Furthermore, consumers must be allowed by CSOs to have a full refund within ten days from the time of signing the contract as mandated by the state.

Especially for credit repair merchant accounts considered high-risk, it’s crucial to understand credit repair laws in Florida to ensure you’re doing right by your clients and growing your business. Partner with a reputable credit card processor to set up payment processing for your business. Contact us to schedule a consultation today!

Licensing Woes: Do You Need a License to Start a Credit Repair Business in Florida?

business operationsStarting a credit repair business in Florida involves more than just a business plan and capital. The legal framework necessitates obtaining specific licenses and fulfilling certain requirements.

Yes, you do need a license to operate a credit repair business in Florida. As stipulated by the FCSOA, credit repair organizations must register with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) before commencing operations.

Here are the primary steps to comply with the licensure requirements:

  1. Surety Bond: Secure a surety bond worth $10,000. The bond acts as a financial guarantee, ensuring that your company will adhere to the stipulations of the FCSOA.
  2. Registration: Register your business with the FDACS. The registration application should include details about your business and the required surety bond.
  3. Disclosures: Provide a ‘Consumer Credit File Rights under State and Federal Law’ disclosure to customers before signing any contracts.
  4. Contracts: Maintain written, dated, and signed contracts with customers, clearly outlining the services, payment details, and cancellation rights.

A comprehensive understanding of these requirements can help businesses successfully launch their credit repair services in Florida while ensuring legal compliance. Our services at First Card Payments, particularly those catering to high-risk merchant accounts, can offer additional insights into navigating these regulatory complexities.

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